Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai

Water Tank Cleaning in Dubai

Mistral Cleaning Services is a fully certified home maintenance company offering eco-friendly water tank cleaning services in Dubai. Our professional water tank cleaning solutions are certified by Dubai Municipality and carried out by experienced technicians.

Depending on your needs, we can carry out thorough water tank inspections, repairs, and cleaning & disinfection services for all types of tanks irrespective of their size or material. Whether you use a plastic or concrete water tank, we will bring it up to the highest health standards and minimize its downtime.

At Mistral Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to create healthy and clean living spaces for our customers. Therefore, the antibacterial product which is used for water tank cleaning is the same that we use for the areas involving food preparation in restaurants and cafetarias.
Water Tank Cleaning by Mistral Technician

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Dirty water tank full of mud, sand and algae before a deep water tank cleaning and disinfection
Clean water tank after deep cleaning and disinfection

Mistral Cleaning Services water tank cleaning services in Dubai

Need a water tank cleaning service? In a desert city like Dubai, which lacks the direct to tap water supply system used in many other countries, getting clean useable water involves a few extra steps. Most buildings in the city get all their water supply through a tank and pump system.

Desalinated water from the sea is pumped into water tanks where it is stored, ready to be supplied throughout your home on-demand. However, using water tanks has several drawbacks including the buildup of dirt, debris, and other contaminants over time.

How to know if your water tank needs maintenance?

The Dubai Municipality recommends cleaning out residential water tanks at least once a year. Commercial water tanks should be cleaned out even more often. You can request a free water tank cleaning quote today using the contact form and we will get back to you in no time.

Have you observed water discoloration, unpleasant smells, slime, or particles in your water? If it is the case, your water tank definitely needs the services of a professional water tank cleaning company.

Water is an excellent breeding ground for many contaminants and microorganisms like algae and mold. Over time, sludge and sediments are bound to build up at the bottom and the sides of your water tank.

This gets even worse when you consider the dusty Dubai atmosphere which ensures that dirt and dust particles get everywhere. Therefore, cleaning out your water tanks regularly is the only way to ensure you only get clean, safe, clear water in your home. Alongside water tank cleaning we usually recommend performing a water pipeline disinfection to fully disinfect your water distribution system.

What are the benefits of cleaning your water tank?​

Mistral Cleaning Company has everything needed to make homes, businesses, and other commercial spaces healthier. Our customers choose us over and again because of:

Lesser water tank repair bills

A thorough water tank inspection and maintenance will allow our experienced water tank cleaners to analyze the condition of the individual components of your water system.
This enables us to address most issues before they even occur, helping you save money on water tank repair bills.

Better water quality

The most obvious benefit of cleaning your water tank is getting cleaner and clearer water in your home.
However, cleaning your water tank also helps protects you and your family from water-borne diseases which affect some 3.4 million people every year according to the WHO.

Improved tank life

Setting up a water tank can be an expensive endeavor and the best way to guarantee its longevity is by maintaining it regularly.
Regular maintenance ensures your water tank is a safe and sanitary environment for your water storage.

pure water

Our water tank cleaning services include:

1. Water tank inspection
If you noticed any issue with your water tank we will first conduct an inspection to assess if any components are faulty. It all starts with an inspection of your water supply system including the piping, pumps, and water tanks.

2. Emptying tank in advance to save money
We will come 24 to 48 hours before the cleaning is scheduled to close the water supply, this way you will empty your tank without wasting water.

3. Water tank cleaning & disinfection
We will use our professional pressure washer along with disinfectant to fully clean and disinfect your water tank. The goal is to dislodge and remove all dirt residue and scrub all internal surfaces of your tank to ensure it is 100% clean.

4. Refilling the water tank
Finally, our technicians will reopen the water supply to let tank fill itself. You can now enjoy a clean and fresh water in your property!

Health risks of having a dirty water tank
Most Dubai residents will frown at drinking tap water as they feel the quality is not good enough to drink. However, there are many ways we come in contact with and even ingest water from our water tanks.
We brush our teeth with water from our taps, take showers, wash dishes and food ingredients and even bathe our children using water from our tanks. This also means that there are many ways for bacteria, algae, mold, even microscopic organisms to get into your home.
Don’t wait until it is too late to start taking care of your water tank. Mistral Cleaning Services is dedicated to protecting you and your family from external contaminants in your water. Request for a free quote today using the contact form and we will get back to you in no time.

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