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Cleaning in Dubai

Your whole Air Conditioning Unit will be cleaned and sanitised using a 100% biodegradable and food-grade antibacterial treatment.

We are experts in Air Conditioning cleaning. We remove dust, dirt, mould, and leave your indoor environment healthier than ever before.

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Our Process

Mistral’s A/C System Cleaning process is following the recommendations of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Our technicians are not only cleaning experts, they are trained to troubleshoot and repair A/C systems.

A/C Inspection

We inspect your property when required to assess the state of your A/C system and recommend a suitable process.

A/C Cleaning

Your furniture is fully protected from dust with plastic sheets. All the AC unit components are cleaned by knowledgeable technicians, ducts are vacuumed with a specialised heavy-duty vacuum equipped with HEPA filters and rotative brushes.

Eco-Friendly Sanitisation

All your AC components are sanitised using a cold fog application. We use an environmentally and food-grade antimicrobial treatment effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.


Once the job is completed we send you a field service report including before and after pictures of your ducts. Our technicians will also be keen to show you images of your ducts on the spot.

Natural Mistral Sanitizer Bottle

100% biodegradable & food-grade disinfection

We only use a 100% natural disinfection process that is applied in the healthcare and food-processing industries.

The treatment is effective against bacteria, viruses and mould.

Why Choosing Us

Mistral Cleaning Services is a French owned company, delivering high-end specialised cleaning, disinfection and maintenance services in the UAE.


Our teams are highly-experienced, versatile, and equipped with the latest equipment available in the industry.


We believe consistency and punctuality are key in building long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Our services are carried with attention to detail, addressing our customers’ needs and delivering the friendliest customer support in the UAE.

Unmatched results

Dirty AC coil with accumulated mud before AC cleaning with pressure washer
Clean AC coil after deep ac coil cleaning with pressure washer

Our Reviews

Nasiba Ismailova
Nasiba Ismailova
January 6, 2023.
I would like to express our biggest gratitude to Mistral Cleaning Services team. We’ve been amazed with their quality of work, knowledge, skills and attitude of the team. Very reliable with great on time performance. I did a thorough research before choosing AC Duct cleaning company. Previously booked team came to do AC Cleaning and it was nothing done literally except collection of money and time waste. After renovation of our house i had a lot of stress with absolutely insane contractors or maintenance team who only keeps (bs) and has no clue even how to handle screw driver in his hands 🤦🏻‍♀️ Although We booked Mistral for AC Duct cleaning and to fix some issues which was created by previous team, we also booked their carpenter team who fixed our door automation handle, dishwasher door changes, kitchen cupboards loose door hinges fixation and etc. they did stunning job. After a going through A to Z renovation experience in dubai we went a lot of stress by looking proper efficient expertise, and with high confidence I would say you can trust them 100% and their charges very decent.
Marina Chshepetkova
Marina Chshepetkova
December 9, 2022.
Very high quality service and very affordable!The team arrived on time,covered the furniture with plastic sheets.Three highly skilled workers spent 3 hours cleaning and desinfecting every inch of the AC system. They used a professional equipment for cleaning the duct and vent etc.They cleaned the floor after the AC service and left the apartment clean and neat.I cant express how happy i am with the result.They also provided a full report of the work done with before and after pictures.Absolutely fantastic service!!! I would give them 10 stars if i could.
Sergii Romanii
Sergii Romanii
November 29, 2022.
Very satisfied! Professional, high quality and right on time.
Andy Bainbridge
Andy Bainbridge
November 25, 2022.
Very professional outfit. They gave a comprehensive quote to remove the mould that was infecting a wall and a wardrobe, turned up on time, worked efficiently, did the job to a really good standard, tidied up and left the apartment in a good state. Happy to recommend them.
Amgad Wadie
Amgad Wadie
November 21, 2022.
We used Mistral to clean the AC ducts in our flat in The Views. Our main complaint was that was air was not smelling clean. They did a good job and we can feel now the difference.
Xiaohong Guo
Xiaohong Guo
November 20, 2022.
Very professional team and job was done very well !
Francais Authentique
Francais Authentique
October 23, 2022.
I hired Mistral Cleaning for the cleaning of my AC. I highly recommend them. The process was smooth. Before you commit, you get a clear description of the service you will get. The team was very professional: on time, ready to answer all y questions and fine tune my AC, they also left the apartment in a very clean condition. I got a report one day after the cleaning showing before and after pictures. I will definitely work with them again.
Marcin Baran
Marcin Baran
October 17, 2022.
Great team, everything quick and smooth from first call till job finished!!

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