The road to keeping your space clean and healthy is an endless one that requires constant dedication. You have to keep the floor swept, table counters cleaned, and ensure that every room in the building looks spick and span.

This is all well and good for the parts of the room that you can see. But what happens to those dust-prone areas which are hidden from view, such as your AC ducts. Your AC ducts act as passageways for transporting cooled air into your building and taking the warmed air outside.

Why bother about my AC ducts?

Although usually hidden away in ceilings and crawlspaces, AC ducts are exposed to air drawn in from the outside. This makes it easy for dust, allergens and other debris to make their way inside where they settle on the duct walls or are blown indoors.

Regular AC duct cleaning is the best way to improve the quality of air coming indoors. Contact a Mistral Cleaning Services if you notice a drop in your air quality in Dubai and get in touch with a professional technician today.

We can help you carry out a thorough examination and clean out your AC ducts without disrupting your day. Not only is this good for you, but it also benefits your air conditioning system as it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the air.

Cleaning AC ducts the right way

AC Duct Technicians cleaning AC ducts with specialised AC Duct Cleaning machine

AC duct cleaning is a complex procedure and should only be attempted by a qualified technician. It takes a lot of experience with air conditioners as well as several specialized tools to get the job done right.

This is why all Mistral Cleaning Services technicians boast of years of on the job experience following the NADCA best practices. They can ensure that your AC duct cleaning will be carried out in line with the most up-to-date methods and regulations.

A poorly cleaning job will create more problems than it solves. One common problem our customers come across is not knowing when they need to clean their air ducts. Read on if you need to know the signs that you need AC duct cleaning.

Telltale signs of dirty AC ducts

Cleaning and servicing your AC system regularly, including AC duct cleaning, is the best way to keep it running efficiently for longer. This is why many manufacturers and service professionals recommend servicing your air conditioning systems at least two times a year.

It can be difficult knowing when you need to clean your AC ducts since they are usually concealed behind layers of shielding. However, you should contact your maintenance company if you notice any of the following:

mold in ac

1. Mold growth in your air conditioning system

All cooling systems create condensation as a byproduct of the cooling process. In AC systems, this moisture is trapped in the drip pan or with a similar system. If this isn’t done properly, moisture can get into your ductwork where it comes in contact with existing dirt particles.

When this happens, you stand a higher chance of developing mold growth in a humid and dust-laden climate like Dubai’s. As mold grows it releases airborne spores into your AC duct it grows and these can get into your home.

This airborne contaminant can cause mild to severe reactions, especially among those with allergies. Common symptoms of airborne mold spores include:

Contact us immediately if you find any member of your household experiencing any of the above. Our technician will follow the best air duct cleaning practices to remove all the mold in your AC ducts and take steps to ensure it doesn’t return.

2. You live in a new home or just had a major renovation

Construction areas can get pretty dusty and these contaminations can find their ways to all areas of the house. It’s not uncommon for people moving into new homes to carry out major cleaning to make the space livable.

Unfortunately, this cleaning rarely extends to the AC ducts where dust and debris can lie until you turn on the air conditioning. The bad news is that this dust can contain harmful particles that can cause severe respiratory problems if inhaled.

The same thing can happen if you’ve just had a major renovation done on your property. We recommend carrying out a total AC duct cleaning before moving into a new home or just after construction work.

3. Your home remains dusty even after cleaning

Does your home still have dusty surfaces no matter how often you clean? This could be a sign that you need AC duct cleaning as the system is letting dust into your home. In this case, it will be advisable to change your air filters as well to ensure nothing else gets inside.

To find the culprit, take a look at the different vents around the house to see where the dust is coming from. Your AC technician will also analyze your duct system to ensure you have not developed a leak.

4. Your cooling bill keeps climbing every year

This is a common sign that you have dirty AC ducts. When your AC ducts get dirty, it uses more and more power to provide the same level of cooling on the thermostat. This can manifest itself as a steady increase in your energy bill.

Your AC system may also be having other problems like dirty air filters and AC duct leaks. When your system leaks, the efficiency of the overall system reduces as it struggles to maintain normal air pressure. Over time, this may lead to damaged parts or even equipment failure.

Call the AC duct cleaning pros

Mistral Cleaning Services is a professional AC maintenance company that specializes in AC duct cleaning. We provide exceptional maintenance work for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants in Dubai.

We can help you to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for your family or business. Fill out the form on the right to get started.

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