AC Maintenance

Wide range of AC Maintenance services from installation to repair. Expert technicians for all types of AC systems and brands. Looking for a diagnosis or an annual contract? Contact us now!

AC duct cleaning

The AC Duct Cleaning service is the best way to fully sanitize your AC System. We will remove all the mold, bacteria and dust from your ducts, and provide before & after pictures along with a field report.

AC Coil Cleaning

All the air flowing through your home and office, flows through AC filters. They should be regularly washed and disinfected to keep an optimal air quality and increase your AC system performance.

AC Coil Cleaning

The AC Coil being one of the most important part of your AC Unit, it is essential to remove any dirt that may contaminate the air or lower the performance of your air conditioning system.

AC Repair Icon

Do you experience rattling noises from your AC unit? Your AC does not deliver as much cool air as it did before? We are here to fix all AC related issues from AC Fan Motor to Compressor breakdown.

Are you looking for a reliable company to install or repair your water heater? We service and install all types of unit and brands. We are qualified for both conventional and tankless units.

A regular cleaning of your water tank is essential to keep it free from mold, algae and bacteria. Contact us to know more about our healthy and eco-friendly cleaning process.

kitchen duct cleaning service in Dubai

Chemical-free deep cleaning of your filters and air ducts to comply with health and safety standards.  Grease and contaminants will be removed from your kitchen hood.

Painting your walls is one of the most effective and affordable way to make a major impact on your home space. Looking to paint your villa interior or simply need touch-up painting? 

Idea Icon

Our well-trained electrical technician will solve any electrical issue that you encounter. Need to replace a socket or install a lighting system? We will provide the best solutions.

We offer a one-stop plumbing service that will address all your needs. If you face an emergency, need to install a water heater or simply need advice, we can reply to all your enquiries.

Maintenance Contract

Looking for a property maintenance partner in Dubai to carry all maintenance works needed for your property? Short and long term contracts available for both tenants and owners.

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