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Pipeline Disinfection

Are you wondering why it is time for your pipeline disinfection? Pipelines are one of the most important elements of any property. Think of the numerous bacteria forms and colonies – sludge, biofilm, mold, rot, foreign bodies. All these pollutants build up in your pipelines and water tank causing various physical and health consequences, which is why you need Mistral Cleaning Company.

As a leading pipeline cleaning and disinfection company in Dubai, we aim to maintain healthy and clean spaces for our clients according to the industry standards in Dubai.
Water flowing in a clean water tank
Technician performing a chlorine test on tap water during pipeline disinfection and flushing

Your pipelines and water tanks need regular cleaning

Water is an integral part of our lives. Here is why you need our pipeline cleaning services:

It is recommended to perform water pipeline disinfection during a water tank cleaning. Feel free to check our water tank cleaning service page for further details.

Why choose us?


We have seasoned certified technicians for water tank and pipeline disinfection, which means that you are in safe hands.


We prioritize your safety by carrying out standard safety checks and briefs before and after executing any pipeline cleaning.


Our team has been carrying out pipeline disinfection for more than a decade. You can always count on our experience, even in the most difficult circumstances.

High quality

Thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced team, we can guarantee you an excellent job. We have an extensive checklist to ensure that we do not leave any stone unturned.

Technician performing a chlorine test on water coming out from a walk-in shower during a pipeline disinfection.

Pipeline Disinfection Regulations from Dubai Municipality

According to the Dubai Municipality 25/06/2010 guidelines for controlling Legionella in Water systems, periodic pipeline disinfection is mandatory in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates. This includes regular visual inspections at least once every month to avoid the build-up of dirt, debris, and organic matter, which could aid bacteria growth.

Also, water systems creating sprays or aerosol as well as spa pools must be treated to reduce the risk of legionella transmission. For the methods of pipeline disinfection, water systems (both hot and cold) must be flushed with water greater than 70˚C for at least 5 minutes or treated with chlorine leaving a residue of 1-2mg/l in all outlets.