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Painting your walls is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to make a major impact on your home space. Hiring professional painting services has huge positive impact, depending on whether you make the most of colors and other important aspects.


Our professional painters are here to answer all your painting needs. Whether you only need to touch up marks on painted walls or paint your whole apartment, we will recommend you the best painting solutions.


From walls to ceilings, we will help you chose your favorites colors and provide you with the best possible quotation according to the size of the job. You will pay only for what you get!


Read on below for more details about our painting service and feel free to get in touch with us for a free inspection and quotation.

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Wall Painting Dubai

What does our service include?

Mistral Cleaning Services is a full-service home maintenance company based in Dubai. We pride ourselves on our professional painters who use the very best interior and exterior wall paints. Our painters are well trained to offer the following services:

Apartment Painting Services

We will fist discuss about your vision for your apartment in terms of colors and how we can turn it into your dreamed living space.



If you have just moved into your apartment or have a refurbishment project, painting is the best way to personalize your apartment to your own taste.

Villa Painting Services

If you want to give your villa a new look to make it stand out from traditional villas, or you just feel like it is time to freshen up its current state, then you are bound to love our villa painting services.


As a leading painting contractor in Dubai, we pride ourselves on being able to professionally answer the requests of all our discerning customers.

Customized Colors

One thing that sets us apart from other company, is the fact that you can order your very own bespoke color. 


Think about it, you can paint your interior with colors that are unique to you alone. Within a same family, there are often different tastes, with us at Mistral Cleaning Services everyone is able to select their very own colors for their rooms.

What are the benefits of good home painting services in Dubai? ​

There are a few advantages to hiring Mistral Cleaning Services for your home painting services. When your home receives a great paint job, it can significantly improve the way it looks and feels

You can also be sure that only the highest quality paints are used in and around the home. This ensures that your home remains breathtaking even when exposed to the harsh Dubai sun.

Mistral Cleaning Services will work with you through each step in the journey and our professional painters will work around the clock to deliver the services that you can trust.

Painting when done right can transform just about any space...

There are quite a lot of things one has to figure out first before any bit of painting is done. You first have to understand the type of paint you want to cover your walls with. For instance, denatured alcohol on latex paints tends to have a more noticeable effect than oil-based paints. 

Being able to differentiate your interior and exterior wall paints is important as it tells you what type of paint you currently use; so you will know if you simply have to paint over it, or if you will have to use a primer to switch to another type of paint.

Paints help make your walls feel great...

Professional painters in Dubai can easily differentiate the different types of paints by their texture. Latex paints have a slightly rubbery feel while oil-based paints are extremely smooth. 

Latex paints are usually preferred for exterior wall painting as they can be easily cleaned using water, which is why they are a much better option. That said, it is important to note that they do not stick to oil paints, at least without involving a specialty primer.

painting job in modern living room in dubai
I know what colors I want, what's next?...

Typically, after deciding on their preferred color or paint type, most people head out to paint stores or call painting contractors to find out more. 

For some people, the numerous paints and paint products out there may seem intimidating, and it can seem like the simplest option to just go with the most expensive paint. We recommend you head over to Mistral Cleaning Services as we are the  best professional painting contractors that stand by you every step of the way.

Finding the right villa painting services...

It is important to know that there is no one size fits all type of solution. One thing you should not do, however, is to go for the cheapest option. When you use professional painters like Mistral Cleaning Services, you can be sure that you are getting a better quality of paint to adorn the walls of your home. 

You can also be sure that we will use the best quality paints that last a lot longer.

Things to Know When Selecting Villa Painting Services in Dubai​

There are a few paint types that can be used, and these types typically depend on the surface and area they are meant to be painted on. Below are a few types:

Flat paint: for most areas of the home

This is the most common type of paint typically used in areas that are not exposed to and sunlight for extended periods. This makes flat paints great for use in interior spaces. Nevertheless, this type of paint is prone to becoming dirtier much easier and faster than the others.

Semi-gloss paints: for bathrooms and kitchens

Semi-gloss paints are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens because they have quite a bit of shine to them which makes them better able to handle humidity and moisture than any other paint type of paint. This makes it an easy choice for households that have kids, especially in areas that witness quite a lot of hand to wall contacts such as playrooms and hallways.

Satin paints: for exterior walls

This is another painting that is perfect for areas of the home that do not get a lot of moisture. Satin paints do, however, differ from flat paints in the sense that they have a bit of shine on them, enabling them to look good without being extremely shiny. This also helps it to resist grime and dirt much better than flat paints.

Get professional painters and exceptional villa painting services you can count on with Mistral Cleaning Services. Contact us today!