Mold Removal Specialist in Dubai

Mold Removal in Dubai

Mold growth can pose a serious threat to your health and the integrity of your home. Our professional mold removal service utilises effective techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to remove mold growth and prevent its return.

Technician removing an AC Grille before a mold cleaning in the air conditioning system and a mold removal on walls

What is Causing Mold Growth?

High Humidity Areas

Areas with high humidity levels, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, are prone to mold growth. Poor ventilation in these areas can lead to moisture buildup, providing an ideal environment for mold to thrive.

Leaky Plumbing

Leaky pipes, faucets, or water supply lines can introduce moisture into the building materials, creating conducive conditions for mold growth. Even minor leaks can lead to significant mold problems if left unaddressed.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can allow water to seep into the building structure, leading to moisture accumulation in the walls, ceilings, and attic spaces. Mold growth resulting from roof leaks often goes unnoticed until it becomes a significant issue.


Condensation on windows, walls, or other surfaces can occur when warm, humid air comes into contact with cooler surfaces. This moisture buildup can promote mold growth, especially in poorly ventilated areas or during humid weather conditions.

Flooding or Water Intrusion

Flooding events, burst pipes, or water intrusion from heavy rainfall can saturate building materials and create conditions ripe for mold growth. Proper cleanup and drying are essential following water damage to prevent mold growth.

Damp Building Materials

Building materials such as drywall, insulation, and wood can become damp due to water leaks or high humidity levels. Mold can colonize on these damp materials if the moisture issue is not addressed promptly.

Poor Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation in enclosed spaces can trap moisture indoors, leading to elevated humidity levels and promoting mold growth. Areas such as attics, crawl spaces, and closets are particularly susceptible to poor ventilation.

Most Common Affected Areas by Mold in Dubai

We identify the most common areas where mold thrives in your home and take proactive measures to address the contamination promptly. You will find below the areas where the mold is most often found.


Leaks from pipes, appliances, and sinks can cause mold to grow in kitchens. Moisture from cooking and dishwashing can also contribute to mold growth.


Moisture and leaks from showers, baths, and sinks can cause mold to grow in bathrooms. It is common to see moisture spreading through floor and walls and affecting neighboring rooms.

Air Conditioning Systems

Ducts, coils and filters can trap moisture, providing an ideal environment for mold growth. We provide several levels of AC cleaning services to address mold growth in air conditioning systems.

Effective Mold Removal Services

Our company takes a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to mold remediation, ensuring that every step of the process is carried out with precision to effectively remove mold and prevent its return.

Mold Inspection

We take a look at your property, document our findings, and determine the best mold removal plan. We also adapt our plan to fit into your schedule seamlessly. This step is crucial in identifying the mold source and determining the best approach.

Mold removal

The mold will be removed using specialized equipment, such as HEPA vacuums, scrub brushes, and our eco-friendly disinfectant. This process may involve removing contaminated materials, such as drywall, flooring, or insulation, depending on the severity of the mold growth. We will perform a comprehensive AC cleaning when mold is found in your AC System.

Clean-up and Restoration

After the mold has been removed, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with an eco-friendly biocide approved by Dubai Municipality to remove any residual mold spores. Any damaged materials will be replaced, and any necessary repairs will be made to restore the area to its original condition. The final step is to monitor the space to ensure that mold does not return.

Mold growth on walls and ceiling tiles before cleaning
Clean and painted white walls after mold cleaning and disinfection

How to Remove Mold from Walls?

Removing mold from walls requires a systematic approach to ensure effective remediation. The process typically begins with an initial assessment to identify the source of moisture that is contributing to mold growth. This may involve inspecting for leaks, condensation, or other sources of water intrusion. Once the source is identified and addressed, the moisture level on the walls needs to be reduced to prevent further mold growth. This may involve using dehumidifiers or improving ventilation in the affected area.

Next, the mold-infested areas of the wall need to be thoroughly cleaned and scraped to remove the mold growth and humid surface of the wall. Waterproofing the walls can help prevent future moisture issues and mold growth. This may involve applying a waterproofing sealant or paint specifically designed for use in damp areas.

Finally, painting the walls with an anti-fungal paint can provide an extra layer of protection against mold growth. These paints contain fungicides or anti-fungal agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, helping to keep the walls clean and mold-free in the future. Overall, thorough cleaning, moisture control, waterproofing, and the use of anti-fungal paint are essential steps in effectively removing mold from walls and preventing its return.

How much does mold remediation cost in Dubai?

At Mistral Cleaning, we know that understanding the cost of remediation is important for our customers. The cost of mold remediation in Dubai can vary widely, depending primarily on the size of the affected area and the severity of the mold infestation.

For a small and contained area of mold, costs typically start around AED 1,500. This would include the initial assessment, the removal and cleaning process, and the restoration of the affected area.

For larger or more complicated jobs where the mold has spread into multiple rooms or areas, costs can go up to approximately 6,000 Dirhams or more. These jobs can require more extensive work, such as cutting out and replacing sections of walls or flooring, AC Duct Cleaning, or treating large areas of an attic or basement.

Please remember, these are only general estimates and exact pricing can vary. We encourage anyone dealing with mold in their home or business in Dubai to contact us directly for a more accurate estimate. At Mistral Cleaning, we are committed to providing the most effective and affordable solutions for your mold problems.

What our customers say?

Mold Cleaning Services FAQs

Ia mold removal permanent?

While mold can be effectively removed, it’s important to address the underlying cause of moisture to prevent its return. Our comprehensive mold cleaning process targets mold growth and ensures thorough remediation, but ongoing maintenance and preventive measures are crucial to minimize the risk of future mold issues.

What is the best mold removal solution?

The best solution to remove mold involves a combination of thorough cleaning, proper ventilation, and addressing any underlying moisture issues. Our professional mold remediation service utilizes effective techniques and eco-friendly products to safely and effectively remove mold and prevent its return.

Is it safe to clean black mold yourself?

While it’s possible to partially clean black mold yourself, it’s important to proceed with caution. Black mold can release harmful spores when disturbed, which can pose health risks, especially for those with respiratory issues or allergies. It’s recommended to consult with a professional mold remediation service to ensure safe and effective removal.

Can you paint over mold?

Painting over mold is not a recommended solution. While it may temporarily cover the mold, it does not address the underlying issue and can lead to further growth and damage. It’s crucial to proceed to the mold removal and address any moisture problems before considering painting.

What are signs of mold exposure?

Mold exposure can cause health symptoms such as allergies, respiratory issues, and headaches, among others. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is providing a comprehensive list of common symptoms due to mold exposure.

What are the steps involved in mold removal?

The steps involved in mold removal include identifying the source of the mold, containing the affected area, removing the mold, and preventing its return.

What is the cost of mold cleaning in Dubai?

The cost of mold cleaning varies depending on the size of the affected area and the severity of the problem. The cost to solve a limited contamination typically ranges between 1,000 to 6,000 Dirhams.

How long does mold remediation take?

The length of mold remediation can vary, depending on the size and complexity of the project. On average, it takes us from several hours to several days.

Will mold return after mold cleaning?

Mold can return after cleaning if the underlying moisture issue is not addressed. To prevent mold from coming back, it’s crucial to identify and fix any sources of moisture, such as leaks or high humidity levels. Additionally, maintaining good ventilation and regularly inspecting your home for signs of water damage can help prevent mold recurrence.

How can I prevent mold growth in my home?

To prevent mold growth in your home, it’s essential to control moisture levels. Keep humidity levels low, fix any leaks promptly, ensure good ventilation, and regularly clean and dry areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, consider using dehumidifiers in damp areas to help maintain optimal humidity levels.