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Trusted by thousands of customers in the UAE, we know how to treat surfaces contaminated by mold and effectively remove it.

Our experts inspect your property to identify the source of the mold and suggest a tailor-made solution.

Mold growth around AC grille

Our Process

Mistral Cleaning's Mold Remediation process is following international hygiene standards. Our staff are not only cleaning experts, they are experienced technicians in air-conditioning and property maintenance able to identify any kind of mold source in your property.

Mold Inspection

We inspect your property and HVAC system to identify the source of the mold and provide you with a report including a detailed scope of work.

Mold Removal

Our technicians are equipped to face all kind of mold remediation projects. They a equipped with specialised equipment to effectively remove the mold from all contaminated areas.

Eco-Friendly Sanitisation

We use an EPA-registered Antifungal Biocide to kill any remaining fungus and airborne spores. It is 100% food grade and carefully applied through manual contact and ULV fogging.


At Mistral Cleaning Services we will always provide you with a thorough report once the job is completed. A detailed report will be shared with you including before and after pictures.

Natural Mistral Sanitizer Bottle used AC cleaning and disinfection

100% food-grade antifungal biocide

We care about your health and the well-being of our technicians.

For that reason we use a food-grade antifungal biocide which is highly effective against fungus and mold spores but harmless for humans and pets.

Why Choosing Us

Mistral Cleaning Services is a French owned company, delivering high-end specialised cleaning, disinfection and maintenance services in the UAE.


Our teams are highly-experienced, versatile, and equipped with the latest equipment available in the industry.


We believe consistency and punctuality are key in building long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Our services are carried with attention to detail, addressing our customers’ needs and delivering the friendliest customer support in the UAE.

Unmatched results

Mold growth on walls and ceiling tiles before cleaning
Clean and painted white walls after mold cleaning and disinfection

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