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Marble Floor Polishing

Everyone has thought of having ways to improve their properties for more comfort and luxury, and this is why marble polishing in Dubai is one of the most sought-after services. If you are a property owner looking for the perfect finish, you are in luck.
Hotel marble floor

Unmatched results

Marble floor entrance in a villa in Dubai

Marble floor polishing experts in Dubai

Mistral Cleaning Company provides air conditioning cleaning and specialized cleaning services such as pipeline cleaning, water tank cleaning, data centre cleaning, and marble floor polishing as part of our mission to maintain clean and healthy living spaces for our customers.
Our marble floor polishing gives your floors that impeccable gloss. It’s time to say goodbye to those dull spots, etches, and scratches on your marble surfaces because you are just one click away from accessing a leading marble polishing service in Dubai. Let’s show you what elegance looks like.

Our professional marble polishing procedure

Marble is made up of several mineral calcites and marble, making it sensitive to certain acids and alkali. Harsh agents and chemicals leave etch marks, which makes the floor dull. However, our certified Marble floor restoration experts in Dubai understand colour changes, and we serve our clients in their homes, offices, building lobbies, hotels, and other properties. Our team employs a detailed approach to your marble as seen below:

1 Inspection

We evaluate the current state of your marble floor and determine the next best step for its polishing.

2 Grinding and honing

We use different requisite pads in grinding to remove scratches and stains with up to 3,000 grinds while also filling up the minor cracks and holes in your marble.

3 Polishing

We use high-quality polishing for more lustre and shine.

4 Buffing

This is the final stage of polishing, and we buff with dry pads. It also involves crystallizers to add more shine to your marble.

5 Applying the sealer

Sealing helps to protect the floor from stains and extends its longevity.

marble polishing in bathroom

Why choosing us for marble polishing works?

Professional services
Would you rather have a regular flooring option when you could get classy Marble floor restoration in Dubai? Apart from being beautiful and durable, marble floors are also straightforward to maintain. However, they need a professional touch for the best results.

We have the right mix of knowledge and experience to deliver nothing short of Dubai’s best Marble floor polishing services.


Hiring a professional marble polisher saves you more money than hiring someone who is not qualified and who might not remove all the stains or even damage your marble permanently.

We have the proper techniques, products, and professionals to get rid of those tough stains, grout, and rust so that you can save your time for more productive tasks. Polishing your marble regularly is also cost-effective as it prolongs the marble’s lifespan.

Customer priority
We put our customers first in whatever we do. By providing the right solutions, we give you the results that you desire. We follow up with our customers to ensure maximum satisfaction.