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Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service

To ensure that your customers receive good food prepared in a safe kitchen with high standards of hygiene, you must carry out regular kitchen duct cleaning service in Dubai. Your kitchen duct is also essential for maintaining healthy air quality in the kitchen for those working there.
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We provide a complete kitchen duct cleaning service in Dubai

Our mission is to maintain healthy and clean-working spaces for our customers using chemical-free cleaning methods and high-quality equipment. We can help you with superior quality kitchen hood cleaning that brings your establishment up to the highest health standards.
The Dubai Municipality recommends restaurants to clean their kitchen ducts and exhaust system every 3 to 4 weeks to comply with existing regulations.
Benefits of cleaning your kitchen hood and duct system
Keeping your kitchen ducts clean doesn’t only keep you compliant with Dubai Municipality regulations, it also:

How to know your Kitchen Ducts need to be cleaned?

Kitchen surfaces can get dirty pretty quickly in Dubai. However, while spilled sauces, used dishpans, and food remnants can be washed away easily, your kitchen ducts require specialized care.

Here’s why:

  • The cooking process releases grease, smoke fumes, and fuel substances into the air.
  • These contaminants are removed from the air by your kitchen hood or kitchen duct system.
  • As this greasy contaminant-filled air makes its way through the suction system, it begins to cool and stick to the inner chamber.
  • This produces a gel-like substance laden with combustible fats that don’t only reduce the quality of air in your kitchen but also present a huge safety fire hazard.
  • This is why we recommended cleaning your kitchen exhaust system every 3 to 4 weeks to comply with Dubai Municipality regulations.

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Professional kitchen duct cleaning services in Dubai

We follow all industry-standard safety regulations to ensure that the process is carried out hitch-free and you get the very best value for your money. Our cleaning service is described below.

1. Compressive kitchen duct survey

First, we see what we are working with. This way we can give you the very best quotes that only charge for actual work done. The size and complexity of your duct system will determine our work schedule and the equipment we will use.

2. Initial preparation and pre-cleaning set up

After the first survey, our professionals will then begin preparing tools and equipment. This step also includes any necessary site preparations such as laying plastic sheets.

3. Thorough kitchen duct cleaning

Whether you have a single establishment or multiple sites, we can help ensure that your kitchen ducts are always clean and clear. Our expert cleaners will work with you to create a cleaning schedule for your kitchen duct system.

4. Establishing and managing a cleaning schedule in Dubai

Next, we will begin cleaning your kitchen duct system from the kitchen hood down the entire kitchen exhaust system. After we are done, we offer our customers a cleaning report with full photographic pre and post views.

Mistral Cleaning Services - #1 Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai

Do you require kitchen duct cleaning in Dubai?

Mistral Cleaning Services simplifies all of your residential and commercial facility maintenance needs. Leaving you with healthy and clean living spaces you can count on. We provide long-term home maintenance services contracts for restaurant professionals.

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Get hitch-free kitchen duct cleaning services in Dubai
Your business operations are as important to us as it is to you. Mistral Cleaning Services’s kitchen maintenance services are tailored to be as flexible and accommodating as possible to ensure that you get the very best value.

You can reach us and book our services at any time, outside your operating hours. Mistral Cleaning Services’s comprehensive grease removal process leaves your kitchen exhaust system clean, safe and ready to use with minimal disruption to your business.

We also offer a professional AC Duct Cleaning to clean and sanitise your Air Conditioning System which can be done in conjunction with kitchen duct cleaning!


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Leaving your kitchen hood dirty involves risks

This may not seem like a big deal but leaving your kitchen hood cleaning until the last moment can lead to:

Mistral Cleaning Services kitchen duct experts can help you assess your kitchen duct system and create an easy kitchen exhaust cleaning schedule for you. Our kitchen exhaust cleanings services are in line with all governing standards for commercial cooking operations in Dubai.

Increased risk of fire

Public health hazards

Losing compliance with your insurer