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HVAC Cleaning in Dubai

Need a HVAC cleaning services in Dubai? Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, better known as HVAC is an important part of your interior space. Not only does it provide thermal comfort, but it also ensures that your indoor air quality is always at excellent levels.

Mistral Cleaning Services is a full-service maintenance company based in Dubai. We specialize in cleaning HVAC systems in villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants all around the city. We can help you to clean, maintain, repair, and install your HVAC units with minimal disruption to your schedule.

HVAC systems are especially important in Dubai where the air is more heavily polluted than that of many other cities. However, it is not enough to simply install an HVAC system in your home or office, you also have to ensure that it is working efficiently.

Cleaning and maintaining your air duct and HVAC units regularly is the best way of ensuring that your unit keeps on working optimally. Regular HVAC duct cleaning will help you to eliminate potential microbial growth, clogged air passages, and accumulated dust in your system.
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AC duct with mold contamination on all surfaces with mold removal and AC duct cleaning performed by Mistral Cleaning team

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Dusty air conditioning duct before ac duct cleaning
Cleaned and sanitised air conditioning duct after deep ac duct cleaning

Why should I have my HVAC system cleaned and disinfected regularly?

Sand and dust particles travel far in a dry and windy place like Dubai. These particles are constantly being blown through the air and into your home or office. Since your HVAC unit is responsible for maintaining airflow inside, it is responsible for filtering these contaminants.
Over time, these dust particles accumulate in your air ducts and settle on its inner surface. This creates a breeding ground for molds, algae, and spores which may cause you or your family harm.
That’s not all, these accumulated particles can cause blockage in your air ducts reducing the performance of your HVAC unit. This is because, your unit will have to work twice as hard to force air through blocked air passages, potentially leaving you with a higher energy bill.
In a worst-case scenario, this reduced effectiveness may also result in your interior space having relatively high humidity. Prolonged exposure to areas with high humidity can lead to serious health issues like asthma and trigger other allergic reactions.

Benefits of HVAC System Cleaning

Here are the main reasons why you should keep your air unit clean.

Better indoor air quality

Cleaning your HVAC system will help you improve your indoor air quality. This can be very beneficial in homes with children or anyone with allergies or autoimmune disorders. A dirty air system can also be harmful to itself. Dust and contaminants can reduce the efficiency of your unit, making it use more power to cool the same space.

Better energy savings

A clean HVAC system will run many times better than one filled with contaminants. When your HVAC unit is clean, it uses less energy to maintain the temperature you desire. Not only is this cost-effective, but it could also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Dusty AC filter fixed to the AC unit before the air conditioning cleaning service

Comprehensive HVAC cleaning in Dubai

At Mistral Cleaning Services, we understand that the quality of your indoor air is of immense importance to your health. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure that all components of your HVAC system are completely clean, not just the ducts and vents.

In our experience, a typical HVAC cleaning services in Dubai should cover the following areas:
air conditioning duct - metal

1. HVAC Ducts

Before we attempt to clean your AC duct system, we begin by assessing your ducts to find out the extent of cleaning needed and areas to concentrate on. This also allows us to cover up all furniture, personal effects, and flooring surrounding the projected work area.

Your air ducts are responsible for transporting air in and out of your home. This area is also prone to capturing dirt and dust particles from the air. Your HVAC duct cleaning should cover:

2. Grilles and Diffusers

The grille and diffusers help to supply and extract air as needed. A clogged grille or diffuser can result in inefficient air distribution. When cleaning, you must remove the supply registers and return air grilles and clean as necessary.

3. Furnace Plenums

The plenum is an air-distribution device attached directly to the supply outlet of your HVAC equipment. Both the furnace supply air plenum and return air plenum must be removed and cleaned as needed.

4. Furnace Components

The most important aspects of your HVAC system including the heat exchanger, blower motor, combustion chamber, and condenser are housed here. We clean them by:
HVAC components
hvac ductwork

HVAC Cleaning Cost

On average, your quotation for a professional HVAC cleaning service in Dubai will depend on several factors including:
In most cases, the number of technicians and hours spent on HVAC duct cleaning in your home or office will depend on the size of your property. However, at Mistral Cleaning Services, our goal is to ensure that everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

HVAC Cleaning vs. Duct Cleaning

Although they are similar in many ways, HVAC duct cleaning services differ from an overall HVAC system cleaning. Ducts are simply conduits or passages used by the heating unit, ventilation unit, and air conditioning unit to deliver and remove air.
A full HVAC cleaning is included whenever you purchase our HVAC Duct Cleaning service. We recommend that you carry out a thorough duct cleaning as part of any air system repair and maintenance work carried out on your HVAC system.
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