Electrical Services

Need an electrical services? Experiencing an electrical failures at your home or workplace can be quite common. It is necessary to deal with these issues in the shortest time possible to minimize any risks.


Only qualified and experienced electrical technicians should assess and handle such problems from electrical systems. This is where Mistral Cleaning Services’s electrical services come in.

Mistral Cleaning Services Licensed Electrician Services in Dubai

At Mistral Cleaning Services, we offer exceptional property home maintenance services in Dubai. Our well-trained team of experienced electrical technicians will come to you prepared with all the necessary equipment to repair your home’s electrical issues within the shortest amount of time. Our electrical services include the repair and maintenance of electrical circuits and sockets, replacement of fuse boxes, installation and maintenance of any type of lighting system, fixing of generators, testing of electrical appliances and much more.
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Why use Mistral Cleaning Services Electrical Services? ​

By carrying out a thorough diagnosis of your electrical system, we can deliver exceptional service in many ways. We will address any shorts, burns, blackouts, or fluctuations in your building’s electrical system in the shortest amount of time.



Call on our professional electrical technicians today and get a licensed electrician in no time. You can rest assured that any of our electricians that come around would resolve the issues you’re facing quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Contacting Mistral Cleaning Services's Electrical Services​

When you get in touch with us to resolve your electrical problems, you stand to gain a lot. These benefits of engaging the best electrical services include:

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Save more on electricity bills

You tend to pay more electric bills when you do not fix any electrical faults quickly and efficiently. At Mistral Cleaning Services, our electrical services will respond and fix such electrical faults in the shortest amount of time, reducing the money you spend on electricity bills.

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Qualified electrical technicians

With our over 10 years delivering professional electrical services in Dubai, you can rest assured that our reputation was built on the back of our qualified, licensed electrical technicians. You don’t have to worry as your electrical problems are being handled by the right people.

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Quality Assured

All our electricians are well trained and are licensed by relevant regulatory authorities in Dubai to consistently maintain high standards of safety during work. At Mistral Cleaning Electrical services, we assure our customers of quality service every time.

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Safety is our watchword

At Mistral Cleaning Services, safety is a big thing for us. That is why we always move quickly to solve any electrical issues you are facing, as any delay may result in injuries and fire outbreaks. Our team of licensed electricians maintain this safety compliance culture at all times during your electrical repairs to minimize risks.

Are you unsure of what electrical problems you may be having?​

Give us a call today! Our customer care unit can easily identify the electrical problems you are having over the phone. There is no electrical job our team of professional electrical technicians in Dubai has not come across before. We are a highly qualified electrical contractor in Dubai and we are best suited to solving both your residential and commercial electrical problems. Our services include:

All-in-one electrical contractor

As an electrical contractor, we are capable of handling large scale electricity projects in Dubai, ranging from wiring houses to testing and installing electrical equipment for large renovations and building projects.

Licensed electricians

Your projects will be competently handled and delivered according to the project timeline by our team of licensed electricians who are well trained and qualified to carry out electrical repairs and maintenance in Dubai.

Tested and trusted

We are an electrical contractor of great reputation and are well sought after to handle major electrical projects in Dubai. We only deal with high-quality electrical products and appliances. Total customer satisfaction is what we deliver every single time.

System upgrades

If you plan on upgrading your home’s electrical system, or you want to install new wiring connections and outlets for recently purchased appliances, you can only get the best electrical technicians in Dubai with Mistral Cleaning Services’s Electrical Services.

Trained professionals

We are a company that cares about quality, this is why we ensure our in-house electrical technicians are up to date as regards modern innovations in the electrical industry. We do this by investing in their education by enrolling them in refresher courses that are focused on everything that has to do with electricity and safety standards. 

We also go the extra mile to make sure they get the required licenses to perform their duty in Dubai.