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Drain Cleaning in Dubai

Drain cleaning is a necessity, especially for restaurants in Dubai given the rate at which grease and soapy water pass through their drains. Restaurants are required by law to regular grease trap cleaning, including those on the floor.
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Clogged floor drain with mud that requires deep pressure washer cleaning
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Why you should consider cleaning your drains?

Mistral Cleaning Services provides routine professional floor drain cleaning and maintenance for restaurants and commercial kitchens in Dubai. Our qualified drain cleaning technicians will help you analyze your drainage problems and proffer appropriate solutions to get you running again.
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Importance of Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning can help you mitigate any problems you may face with blocked drains while saving you a huge amount of money in the long run. Here are some reasons why you need to hire a professional that offer grease trap cleaning service:

1 Eliminates unpleasant odors

Have you ever thought about the various substances that go down your drain? Some popular culprits include hair, oils, leftovers and other organic materials washed away from either your body or the dishes.
In the event of a clogged drain, these materials can get stuck and bring about unpleasant odors. Having your drain cleaned occasionally can help eliminate these organic materials that create those bad odors and will leave your villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants feeling fresh again.

2 Reduces the chances of a clog

Routine maintenance of your floor drains and sinks can help prevent clogging as well as other issues that can arise from blocked pipes. Therefore, as a homeowner or restaurant operator in Dubai, you must ensure that you perform routine cleaning of your drains to better serve your customers.

3 Protects floors and walls from damage

Your toilet and kitchen walls and floors aren’t designed to take in a large volume of water and can deteriorate over time when they are constantly wet. A dirty/clogged drain will lead to an inevitable spread of water from the sink to the walls and floor.
In the long run, this can cause your wall plaster to erode. At the same time, water spreading from the sink to the walls can result in the growth of mold, compromising the structural integrity of your establishment.

4 Eliminates bacteria and mold

A blocked drain is a perfect habitat for dangerous bacteria and mold. When the water flowing through your sink isn’t enough to wash away these contaminants, they continue to grow and at the same time can create health issues for your customers.
For restaurant owners in Dubai, the health and safety of your customers should be a top priority and it is advised that you conduct a periodic cleaning of your drains to avoid the accumulation and growth of bacteria.

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Professional Drain Cleaning for Restaurants In Dubai

There are many reasons why restaurant operators in Dubai should consider adopting routine cleaning and maintenance of their floor drains. Apart from health and safety policy which mandates it, floor drain cleaning is necessary because no drain is ever clean enough.
As greasy fluids and dirty water get through your drains, they leave dirt and solid waste materials that can, over time, clog up your drains. At Mistral Cleaning Services, we understand how challenging it is to run a restaurant and therefore we will always organize our work not to interfere with your business operations.

We can work outside restaurant operating hours and our technicians have a neat and tidy appearance in all circompstances. We can also take care of your kitchen hood cleaning which we include as part of the maintenance contract for restaurants.

Comprehensive drain cleaning service

We follow all industry-standard safety regulations to ensure that the process is carried out hitch-free and you get the very best value for your money. Our cleaning service is described below.

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1. Saves time

If you are always busy with work or other commitments, you will realize how difficult it is to carve out some time to clean up your drainage. In this situation, it is best to engage the services of expert drain cleaners in Dubai.
Our maintenance experts are trained to fix your floor drain problems with the required expertise and professionalism. It is important to ensure that the technicians you hire are qualified and experienced to ensure they deliver exceptional service every time.

2. Quality services

When you hire a drain cleaning service like Mistral Cleaning Services, one thing that you are assured of is the quality of our services. We have the right equipment to make an easy job of getting rid of all the waste materials clogging your restaurant’s floor drain, preventing the free flow of fluids and solid wastes.
Our professional technicians are pros at what they do; able to carry out their jobs without causing any more damage. This is something an unexperienced maintenance company may not be able to guarantee.

3. Use the right products and equipment

A drain cleaning professional should be able to not only identify what the matter is with your drain but also identify what needs to be done and the right equipment as well as the best product for each purpose.

4. A professional drain cleaner can never go wrong

Whatever the nature of your drain problem, a well-trained drain cleaner will always know what to do. Employing the services of an amateur in this regards not only exposes you to the risk of a poorly done job, it can also incur more expenses for your business.