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Data Center Cleaning

IT infrastructure has never been more important in our world. Regardless of the size of your data centre, it needs to be cleaned and maintained for optimum performance of your servers and prevention of fire accidents.
Technician performing data center cleaning on server rack

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Dusty AC diffuser before AC cleaning and disinfection, dust is accumulated on the air diffuser
Clean AC Diffuser after AC cleaning where dust was removed

Professional Data Center Cleaning in Dubai

We clean your floors, hardware, and underfloor plenum to keep things running smoothly at your facility. We are also offering a wide range of professional AC Cleaning services that are usually recommended as part of the Data Center maintenance. However, it doesn’t just end there. We have formulated a data room cleaning procedure that allows us to serve you even better. Find out more on this page.

Our professional Data Center Cleaning procedure

We break down complex data centre cleaning procedures into easy steps to serve you. Our experts understand and document the entire prerequisites, including data centre cleaning and server room cleaning. We carry out our server room cleaning services at scheduled intervals.

Our data centre cleaning in Dubai is designed only to commence when all the requirements and conditions have been properly understood and documented. Our procedure document or “policy directive” reflects our accountability and comprehensive approach to data centre cleaning, and it is as follows:

Work Instruction

We evaluate the current state of your marble floor and determine the next best step for its polishing.

Quality Assurance

We put in the needed checks to make sure all your needs are met. We establish and maintain the highest level of data room cleaning standards.

Quality Control

We carry out our services using complete anti-static personal protective equipment, cleaning chemicals, anti-static HEPA Vacuum, and HEPA-rated air scrubbing devices.

Customer satisfaction

Your happiness and satisfaction are important to us.

Technician vacuuming server rack during data center cleaning

Data centre surface cleaning procedure

Sub Floor Cleaning Procedure
N.B: As tiles are removed from an area, the underfloor, support posts, tile runners, electrical junction boxes, power cables, and CRAC water line support pipes are all cleaned.

Server Cabinets Cleaning Procedure

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Superior data room cleaning techniques

We use proven techniques using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Safety first

Thanks to our team of professionals, we protect your facility and equipment in every way possible.

Save cost

Apart from protecting your equipment, our server room cleaning might reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.