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The typical dust haze in Dubai tends to linger for days and get into the most unlikely of places including your air conditioner. This is mostly due to the increased rate of industrial activity, urbanization, and high vehicular density within the city.

To escape the oppressive heat and dust, most residents close their doors and windows and turn on the AC when indoor. In some cases, however, this doesn’t stop allergies from getting indoors, leading to sneezing and allergic reactions.

What happens when your air conditioning system fails to give you the air quality you desire? This could be as a result of dirty AC ducts which allow external contaminants to circulate throughout your home.

Does AC Duct Cleaning Remove Mold
Does AC Duct Cleaning Remove Mold?

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How Do AC Ducts Get Dirty?

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Your AC ducts act as passageways for circulating cooled air throughout your building and transporting warmed air outside. This means that all the air that goes in and out of your air conditioning system passes through the air ducts.

During operation, the AC pulls in unfiltered air before cooling it and transporting it through the air ducts so it gets to you. This unfiltered air contains tiny allergens like dust and pollen that can set off allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Why Should I be Bothered?

The situation can only get worse over time as more of Dubai’s allergy-causing contaminants buildup on the AC duct walls. This can constitute a serious problem for allergy sufferers who may fail to identify the source of their symptoms.

Common Allergens Found in Dirty Air Ducts

dust mites

Dust mites

These are microscopic organisms that can be found in nearly every home. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells and excrete waste that can trigger allergy symptoms such as aggravated asthma attacks.



Invasive micro bacterial growth which is usually found in wet areas of the home such as the bathroom, basements, and around crawl spaces. Mold secretes airborne spores as it grows and these can cause allergy symptoms.


Dubai’s air is laden with pollens that get sucked into your vents and the AC ducts. Over time, these contaminants buildup and get blown into your home causing nasal discomfort.

Regular AC duct cleaning is the best way to ensure that you only get clean, healthy air indoors. Your AC maintenance service will carry out an initial inspection of your cooling system to create an AC duct cleaning schedule that works for you.

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters?

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Indoor air quality simply means the quality of air inside your home which affects your quality of life. Your indoor air quality directly affects your health and comfort level as dust-laden air will make it harder to breathe normally.

The quality of air affects us differently and what may be a problem for one person may not be a problem for another. However, for most people with allergies or asthma, poor air quality can become a constant nightmare with no end in sight.

Avoid exposing your family to the allergens that may enter the home as a result of poor indoor air quality. If you notice an increase in allergies, even when the air conditioner is on, you may need to improve the air quality in your home with AC duct cleaning.

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How can AC Duct Cleaning Help?

A professional AC duct cleaning service will appraise your air duct system to see if they need cleaning. They then use special brushes and vacuums to clean them out and bring them to a brand-new state.

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