Learn different ways of cleaning AC coils. Your air conditioner comes with two different coils that perform similar functions. In a split AC, the evaporator coil is usually located in the indoor unit while the condenser coil can be found in the outdoor unit.

These vital system components are kept out of sight making them easy to forget during routine AC maintenance. This is a potential recipe for disaster as problems in your AC coil will surely lead to a drop in your AC’s efficiency and performance.

In this article, we will be sharing some basic, but crucial, information about the inner workings of your air conditioner. We will also see the important role the AC coils play in the cooling process as well as how to clean ac evaporator coils in Dubai.

Importance of AC Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils are both vital parts of your air conditioning system.  They work together to circulate cool air from the outside unit into your home and the warm air out. Both coils wouldn’t be able to complete the cooling cycle without help from the other.

This also makes them both vital to your AC system’s cooling performance. Regular maintenance by a qualified AC technician is the best way to keep your AC coils in top shape. Especially in Dubai’s warm and dusty climate where the sand gets everywhere, even in your AC.

AC coil split unit

How does your Airconditioner work?

The cooling process begins in the evaporator coil where the AC refrigerant in injected as a liquid. The blower fan then blows air over this coil array to push cool air into the room. This process also makes the cool liquid to become warmer as it removes heat from the air.

This warm refrigerant is transported as a gas vapor to the compressor housed in the outdoor unit. The gas vapors are then compressed to make them a liquid once more and passed through the condenser coil.

A second fan blows air over the condenser coil to transfer the warm air to the outside. The cooled refrigerant is then sent back to the evaporator coil and the cycle continues. As you can see, any problems with either coil such as a leak or dirt coating will reduce the efficiency of your AC.

A dirty or damaged coil can result in problems like:

A dirty or damaged AC coil can result in problems like:

Increased pressure on the AC system, resulting in damaged parts, process malfunctions, and wear and tear that will reduce its lifetime. Research has shown that dirty AC coils can reduce your cooling efficiency by 30%. It can also cause the air conditioning system to use about 40% more energy than clean coils. If not addressed quickly, this can significantly affect your monthly electric bill in the long run.

How Professionals Works?

Now you know how the cooling process works in your air conditioning system. However, there are still other technical parts, tools, and know-how needed before one can attempt making changes to the system.

Your AC maintenance company will provide you with everything you need in cleaning AC coils. By working with a qualified technician, you can ensure that your AC keeps performing exceptionally for a long time to come.

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So, does cleaning AC coils help?

This is a common question we come across from concerned customers. The answer is yes, significantly. Cleaning AC coils and clearing the immediate area of potential blockades can increase your AC’s cooling capacity.

Just ensure that your AC maintenance is carried out by a qualified technician in Dubai. A professional will find out your cooling needs and create a maintenance schedule to keep your AC in top shape. They will also have the necessary tools to do the job correctly the first time.

AC vent fins

How often you need to clean AC coils?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question as it varies by location.  In a place like Dubai’s where the dust can clog up your AC coils, we recommend cleaning your AC coils once to twice a year.

Your AC maintenance company will create a contract that will also include AC coils cleaning. They will be responsible for determining the cleaning and maintenance frequency of your entire AC system. They do this by considering a few factors:

1. Your unique needs

This includes your building size, cooling needs, and air conditioning usage. A building that leaves the AC system running all day, such as in commercial building, will need to have their AC coils cleaned more frequently.

2. The equipment

There are many different types of air conditioning systems out there and the equipment you choose will determine how often you need to clean the AC coils. Your maintenance habits also play a significant role as a well-maintained AC system will have less debris or corrosion.

3. The location

Air conditioning units in a sandy climate like Dubai will need to have their clean AC coils cleaned more often than in other countries. Your specific location in a building as well as other activities around also play a significant role.

Different Ways of Cleaning AC Coils

A. Cleaning with compressed air

Blowing compressed air over the AC coils is a good way to remove a light build-up of dirt, sand, and other debris. Your AC technician will able to tell when its best to use compressed air and may follow the steps below.

B. Cleaning with commercial cleaners

Fan Coil Unit

If your AC coils are more than a little dirt, your maintenance technician may have to use a commercial cleaner. Most commercial cleaners come as a foaming substance that helps to break down dirt and debris which are then drained away by the drip pan. They do this by:

C. Cleaning with Mild Detergent and Water

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils using mild detergent and water to clean can be an alternative to commercial cleaners. This is how it is done:

Note: Mistral Cleaning Services’s technicians will always prefer to use commercial coil cleaners which will ensure consistent results.

D. Cleaning with Heavy-duty Cleaning

In some rare cases, your AC coils may be too dirty for simple commercial cleaners or detergent solutions. When this happens, your technician may need to use a strong chemical or other heavy-duty cleaning equipment to get the job done.

This process should only be attempted by an experienced professional as the chances for injury are high. They may also have removed the AC coils or perform other specialized maintenance services to bring your AC up to top shape.

DIY vs Professional AC Cleaning Costs

Reading up how to clean AC evaporator coils is far different from attempting it yourself. You should always have a qualified technician carry out any necessary installation, repairs, or maintenance on your property.

Mistral Cleaning Services is a professional maintenance company based in Dubai. We provide all kinds of maintenance work for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants. Our mission is to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for our customers. Contact us today to find out more.

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The evaporator coil and condenser coil and both vital components in the cooling process. This also makes them both vital to your AC system’s performance. Especially in Dubai’s warm and dusty climate where the sand gets everywhere.

Cleaning your AC coils is an important step in maintaining the efficiency of your AC system and prolonging its lifetime. Mistral Cleaning Services offers AC coil cleaning and full-service air conditioning maintenance company you can trust. We can help you get the most out of your AC equipment in Dubai.

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