Air Conditioning Air Ducts: All You Need to Know

Air Conditioning Air Ducts: All you need to know

What is air conditioning air ducts and why is it importance in your AC systems? Air ducts play an essential role in air conditioning systems. They are responsible for transporting air in and out of the home. The best way to ensure that your air conditioning ducts work perfectly in Dubai is by maintaining them regularly.

Your AC system is made up of compressors, condensers, fan, evaporator coil, and other tiny components. The air conditioning duct provides the raw material that they need to function: air. The duct system circulates cooled air from the compressor/condenser into the home and takes away the old air.

Read on to find out more about air conditioning ducts, types of duct, and ducting system design. Do you have a problem with your AC ducts or seeking professional HVAC ductwork installation? You can contact us today using the form below.

Importance of Air Ducts

Air ducts are your air conditioner’s main source of ventilation and the best place to filter the air coming into your home. Many air ducts today come with inbuilt filters to cleanse exterior air to remove dust, dirt, pollen, and contaminants that cause air contamination.

This is especially important in Dubai’s climate where the combination of high temperatures and higher humidity makes the heat really harsh. Your Air conditioning air ducts keep the desert sand, dirt, and other debris out of the building as it supplies clean air to your building.

However, this also means that pollutants can get into your home when your air ducts leak or gets bad. This can lead to foul air, asthmatic reactions, and other possible health symptoms. A buildup of contaminants can also reduce the efficiency of your AC system resulting in poor performance.

Make sure the air and your surrounding are pollution-free by keeping your AC ducts in good condition. You can do this by practicing proper duct maintenance or hiring the services of a professional AC maintenance company.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Air Ducts

The type of air conditioning duct or ducting system design you use will primarily depend on your unique needs. There are several different types available in the market today, but these are divided into two broad groups. These are:

1. Rigid ductwork

These types of ducts are inflexible and are often custom-designed for each use case. As a result of this, they are long-lasting, reliable, and often insulated. Rigid ducts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common of them include:

Sheet metal ducts

This is the most common type of duct found in Dubai today. They are the shiny silver ones you see in action movies. They are constructed with steel or galvanized aluminum which makes them quite rigid and durable.

Sheet metal ducts come in different shapes including round, oval, and rectangular. They have a non-porous surface as a result of their material making them less likely to encourage mold than any other type of duct on this list.

air conditioning duct - metal

Sheet metal ducts

Your pipes and ducts connect to the central trunk at different points using connectors and transitions. Connectors come in the form of take-off systems, cleats, and turning vanes that work together to create pathways in which cool air flows through your home. Air ductwork transitions come in different types and shapes, but they all work to minimize restriction and balance air flowing into your space. They branch off from the central trunk to supply the different rooms in your building.

Fiberglass lined ducts​

Fiberboard ducts

This is another type of duct made of compressed resin polymer boards bonded with inorganic glass fibers. This construction makes fiberboard boards strong, durable, and highly efficient at trapping air and water vapor when wrapped with foil.

Fiberboard ducts are cheaper and easier to maintain than sheet metal ducts. They also offer many acoustical and thermal benefits. The insides of a fiberboard AC duct are often sealed with foil to prevent fiberglass particles from entering your AC system.

However, fiberboard ducts have the same drawbacks as fiberglass liners. They are more easily contaminated than sheet metal AC ducts. They also have a rough surface which can affect your air conditioner’s airflow and efficiency.

fiberboard ducts

2. Flexible ductwork

Unlike rigid AC air ducts, flexible ducts often adaptable to many different configurations. They are tube-shaped and made of a spring steel wire mesh covered with a bendable, durable plastic. Some models come padded with special insulation to minimize noise.

Flexible ducts are mostly installed in areas where rigid ducts cannot be installed. In most cases, they are easier to install and cost less than rigid ducts. However, if not installed properly, they are also more likely to hamper the efficiency of your air conditioner. This can happen when they are installed with many bends and turns.

flexible air conditioning duct

Tips for Good Air Conditioning Air Duct Work Designs

Get a professional HVAC ductwork installation partner who can help ensure you get the best value for your money. Your installer will work with the architect and any other party to do the following:

  • Calculate your load requirements for each room in the building and the building as a whole. This information will help guide your choice of AC equipment.
  • Choose the best product sizes and types for the job. They calculate the correct duct size by determining the most efficient layout for your ductwork.
  • Use the right tools, fittings, supports, and materials to ensure that your HVAC ductwork installation is neat and efficient.
  • Ensure all ductwork seals are well done. This is a common problem where seals come loose after a little while causing a significant drop in performance.
  • Choose the best location for your AC ducts to minimize damage to your property and maximize airflow. Your ducts should be centrally located to minimize the loss of cool air.
  • Carry out scheduled maintenance to ensure your AC unit is operating as required. Your installer can carry out scheduled checks on your ducts to ensure there are no leaks or vermin around.

Air conditioning air ducts are one of the most important components of an AC system. They help carry cooled air to and remove hot air from your building. There are several different types of AC ducts and your choice will ultimately depend on your needs.

Mistral Cleaning Services can help you make the right choices and provide expert HVAC ductwork installation and AC duct cleaning in Dubai. You can request a free quote using the form below and talk to one of our experienced technicians today.

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