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Air Conditioner Servicing in 6 EASY Steps

Air conditioning system repairs or replacements can be an inconvenient undertaking which can cost you a lot of money. But you can save more money and stress if you do the following DIY air conditioner servicing steps.

Rather than waste money on costly AC repairs and replacements, your service technician will help you get the most out of your unit. They do this by creating a preventative maintenance schedule for servicing air conditioners. Ensuring that your AC unit runs efficiently all year long.

Air conditioner servicing is a job best left for the pros who have the necessary tools and experience. In this article, we will take a look at the different tools and techniques your AC maintenance technician uses when air conditioner servicing  in Dubai.

dirty evaporator coil

What Will You Learn?

The initial meeting with an AC technician is the discovery stage where they try to learn as much as possible about your AC system. They also access your space needs and lifestyle to create an AC maintenance contract.

Here are some common tools your technician may come within Dubai:

They may also carry other tools depending on your manufacturer’s specifications. Your technician will find out what is necessary and what isn’t during the initial inspection. They will also draft out a recommended maintenance schedule depending on your unique needs.

Don’t know what to expect when servicing air conditioners in Dubai? The goal of every professional maintenance company is to minimize your discomfort as much as possible. Your AC technician may carry out the following steps when servicing your AC:

Step 1: Switch of power to the unit

To minimize damage to sensitive components and prevent accidents during servicing. Depending on your installation type, they can do this either by locating the capacitor to disconnect the main electric current or simply flipping a switch.

Although it is a simple procedure, this step should only be attempted by someone who knows what they are doing. In some cases, they may need to consult the directions provided by your AC manufacturer, so it helps to have that handy (if they don’t already).

Step 2: Clean and oil the condenser fan motor

Some AC technicians like to start with the condenser fan which is located in the outdoor unit. The condenser fan is typically located close to the condenser coils. Positioned so it can blow the warm air coming from your building outside.

This is an external-facing component and is more likely to be dirty. First, the technician will loosen the cover grill screws using a screwdriver and set it aside. This exposes the AC condenser fan which he can clean using a dust brush and cleaning rags.

Next, he detaches the set screw holding the fan in place to expose to access the motor parts. He checks whether the fan motor needs oil and lubricates if necessary.

Step 3: Wash the condenser coils and fins

The condenser coil is located behind the outward-facing grill that characterizes most outdoor AC units. It circulates the hot air from your building in front of the condenser fan which blows it outside. This process works best when the coil surface is clean and free from dust.

Depending on your AC unit, the technician may have to remove the coil guard to access the condenser coils. Next, he cleans the surface of the condenser coils using a garden hose set to a minimum pressure. This is done to avoid damaging the fragile fins in front of the coils.

In cases where the condenser fins are bent, the contractor will straighten them using a fin comb. This handy tool can also be used to clean out dirt and debris lodged in hard to reach areas.

Step 4: Top up the refrigerant

This is a crucial step in every AC maintenance process in Dubai. The refrigerant circulates through the indoor and outdoor units in a continuous process that cools your home. You may experience poor cooling performance if your refrigerant levels are low or you have a leak. 

This process is a technical one and you should always consider hiring a professional to top up the refrigerant. First, he locates and unscrews the suction line and loosen the screw inside. Next, he tests the pressure using a pressure gauge which is also connected to the recharge hose.

Although the refrigerant that comes with your unit is designed to last for its entire lifespan, leaks can lead to a loss of pressure. Your technician will proceed to top it off if necessary and test the pressure again to find any leaks.

Step 5: Clean or change the indoor filter

It is now time to go indoor where the technician will begin by checking your AC filter located in the indoor unit. Your AC filter traps dust and debris in the air before it gets to your home. This makes it particularly useful for keeping the home clean in Dubai’s dusty climate.

There are four types of AC filters available today but the most common are fiberglass filters which can be found in most AC units in Dubai. First, your technician will access your AC filters by raising the front of the indoor unit and loosening any securing screws.

He then proceeds to replace the air filter with a new one if it is beyond repair or proceeds to wash it if it is just dirty. He can do this by submerging the AC filter in lukewarm water and soap solution for about 15 minutes to loosen all dirt on it. 

When the filter is completely dried, he performs the first steps in reverse to reinstall it. It is important to wash or change your air filters on a schedule. A dirty or clogged air filter will hider air flowing in and out of your AC affecting its operation.

Step 6: Service your AC ducts

AC ducts are one of the most overlooked components of an air conditioning system. The sand coming from the desert has made cleaning the air duct system a necessary step when maintaining your AC unit. 

As a rule of thumb, you should have your AC duct cleaning and inspected every six months and cleaned at least every 18 months. Your technician may make use of specialized brushes, blowers, and vacuums to clean out the air supply, return, and intake ducts in your home. 

In cases where your air conditioning system is especially blocked or infested with vermin. They may perform light maintenance work to ensure that debris and dust particles don’t get sucked into your ducts.

A maintenance contract is the best way to address your maintenance needs and get qualified help at a moment’s notice. Most AC maintenance companies in Dubai, including ours, offer comprehensive contracts to take care of all your needs.

This may include the installation, repair, and air conditioner servicing to ensure it works efficiently. It will also cover smaller services like checking various components, changing fuses, breakers, and servicing the thermostat regularly.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected from stressful emergencies. You can find out more about the Mistral Cleaning Services comprehensive villa maintenance contract here.

AC duct with mold contamination on all surfaces with mold removal and AC duct cleaning performed by Mistral Cleaning team

Although you can attempt servicing your air conditioning unit yourself, we don’t recommend that you try it. To avoid damaging your AC unit or causing harm to yourself or your property. Hiring a professional air conditioner servicing and maintenance is the best way to keep your AC running smoothly.

Mistral Cleaning Services is a premier AC maintenance company based in Dubai. We provide all kinds of maintenance work for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants. Our mission is to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for our customers. Fill out the form to find out more.

Are You Looking for a Professional AC Technician?

Mistral Cleaning Services technicians are always ready to help you with all of your air conditioning needs. We can help you save time, money, energy, and keep your AC unit running as efficiently as possible for longer.

Don’t know where to start? At Mistral Cleaning Services, we have simplified the process of getting a qualified technician. Simply fill out the form on the right and get in touch with a qualified AC professional today.

Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that they run smoothly and properly. Taking care of your air conditioner proactively keeps it running at peak efficiency and extends your equipment’s lifetime. It also saves you on repair and replacement headaches.

Hiring a professional AC maintenance company in Dubai is the best way to maintain your air conditioner the right way.

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