Air Conditioner Cleaning

Is the air coming out in your AC isn’t smell nice, here are air conditioner cleaning tips to make your air smell fresh and new.

It’s no secret that servicing and maintaining your air conditioning system is the best way to ensure it functions efficiently for a long time. An improperly maintained AC with bent cooling fins and dirty coils can cost you more money and discomfort in the long run. 

You can save money and keep your home smelling fresh and new by engaging an AC maintenance company in Dubai. They will assign a qualified AC technician to service your AC, clean the air filters, evaporator coils, condenser coils, and straighten the cooling fins.

In this article, we will be going over the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners and how this can be done. You will also find some air conditioner cleaning procedures to expect when servicing your AC in Dubai.

Benefits of air conditioner cleaning

Asides from the benefits stated above, there are several other positive gains to be gotten from investing in AC cleaning. Primary among them is the fact that Dubai has a sandy climate where an uncleaned AC duct can contain over 1,000 types of dust particles. Other reasons include

1. Quality of life

Remember the saying, ‘You are what you eat’, well it turns out that you are also what you breathe. As a result of the oppressive heat, most homes in Dubai depend on air conditioners as their primary source of air. 

Dubai’s Rashid Hospital which treats more than 1,500 asthmatic patients each year, has previously issued a recommendation for a  regular air conditioning duct cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust and fungal allergens.

2. Increase productivity

Working in a cool, well air-conditioned building is better than the alternative and has a significant impact on productivity. This is especially important for business owners and managers who are keen on providing a healthy work environment for their workers. Employees have confessed to avoiding going to work because they felt the environment was unconducive.

3. Reduce bills

Have you noticed how your monthly electric bill keeps rising every year? This could be as a result of a dirty air conditioner which keeps using more and more power to provide the same level of cooling on the thermostat. Air conditioner cleaning frees up these blockages allowing the unit to work efficiently and consume less energy.

4. Save on repair costs

Regular air conditioner cleaning and maintenance is the best way to ensure they don’t break down. Your AC technician will also provide you with instant solutions during emergencies as they already understand your AC system.

5. Improve airflow

Regular AC cleaning can improve the quality of air coming indoors as the AC system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the air. Common maintenance checks like cleaning or changing the AC filters promote easy circulation of cool, clean air throughout your home.

How to carry out air conditioner cleaning

Contact your maintenance company if you suspect that your AC may need cleaning. Most cleaning companies (including ours) include component servicing as a part of their AC maintenance contract. 

Here are some common tools your technician will need:

He may also need the following depending on your AC needs:

Your technician will carry a thorough examination of your AC system and usage to find out what is necessary and what isn’t. He then drafts out a recommended maintenance schedule for the best results using this information.

Some air conditioner cleaning steps to expect

Not sure what to expect when cleaning your air conditioner in Dubai? The goal of any professional maintenance company is to keep your discomfort to a minimum. You can expect the following when cleaning your air conditioner:

Steps in Cleaning Room Air Conditioner

1. Turn off power to the unit

Do this to prevent accidents and minimize damage to sensitive components during cleaning. Depending on your type of AC installation, your technician can do this either by simply flipping a switch or disconnecting the main electric connection.

2. Unmount the AC unit

The technician will begin by removing the plastic panel in front of the room air conditioner to check for any fastenings to the wall. Next, he slides the unit from the window or wall, this is a delicate process that may require more than one person to accomplish. Some window AC units are installed with a decorative frame that will have to be removed.

3. Straighten bent cooling fins

ac cleaning cooling fins

Over time, impacts on the outside facing side of the AC unit can bend fragile fins leading to matted areas. Your technician can straighten the bent fins using a fin comb.

First, he will have to match the right fin comb size and then slides the comb into an area just before the mat and pull it up to straighten them.

4. Clean out the dirt

cleaning condenser coil

Depending on when you cleaned your AC last, you may have a buildup of dirt on and around the condenser coil. The technician can get rid of this using a dusting brush or a vacuum cleaner so the area around the coil is dirt free.

5. Apply cleaning agent

air conditioner

It’s time to wash out the unit using a commercial AC coil cleaner or household cleaning agent. The technician sprays the cleaning agent across the entire surface of both the evaporator and condenser coils. 

He may have to waits for a bit for the solution to work. Heavy buildups can be washed away using a brush.

6. Final steps

Next, he cleans the blower fan using a household cleaner and tops up the electric motor oil. Finally, he cleans or replaces the air filters and reinstalls the AC system. You should notice a significant rise in cooling performance when you turn it on once again.

How to clean indoor unit of a central air conditioner

1. Replace the air filter

The technician will begin by checking your air filter located in the indoor unit to see if it needs to be replaced. Your AC filter traps dust and debris in the air before it gets to your home. He replaces them with a new air conditioner filter if they are dirty or damaged.

2. Sanitize the blower unit

He does this by vacuuming up all visible dirt and debris as well as lubricating the electric motor if necessary. The fan blades are cleaned using a dust brush and cleaning rag.

3. Check the drain pan and tube

He also checks the drain pan for condensation residue or algae growth. These contaminants can be handled using a household cleaning agent.

Finally, he checks the drain tube and washes it out to the outside using a bleach solution.

How to Clean the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner

1. Shut off power to the unit

This step should only be attempted by someone who knows that they are doing. In some cases, your technician may have to turn it off at the circuit breaker panel that powers the AC unit.

2. Clean the condenser fins

The condenser fins are usually protected by a grille or case that will have to be unscrewed. Once done, the technician proceeds to vacuum them using a brush with a soft bristle attachment. When the fins are dirt-free, he checks for surrounding weeds leaves and other things that may block airflow.

3. Clean and lubricate the blower fan

The outdoor blower fan is located inside the unit and can only be accessed by unscrewing the external grille. This is a delicate procedure that should only be attempted by a qualified technician who knows what they’re doing. The exposed fan is then cleaned and serviced.

4. Wash out the empty unit

washing empty AC unit

Next, the technician proceeds to spray out the dirt and debris on the other side of the cooling fins from the inside out. He ensures that the insides are completely clean before returning the fan and grille. 

Finally, he proceeds to reassemble the unit. A newly washed AC unit should be left to sit idle for some time before it is turned on.

Hiring a professional AC maintenance Company in Dubai

Contact a qualified maintenance provider when you need air conditioner cleaning services in your villa, residential building, offices, and restaurants. This is the best way to keep your AC systems running smoothly and make them last for longer. 

Your technician should be able to perform the installation, repair, and maintenance of your air conditioner. They should be able to perform the following:


Cleaning your AC system regularly is the best way to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Hiring a professional maintenance company in Dubai is the best way to carry out air conditioner cleaning the right way. 

Mistral Cleaning Services is a professional AC maintenance company that provides exceptional maintenance work for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants in Dubai. Our mission is to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for our customers. Fill out the form on the right to get started.

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