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AC Repair in Dubai

Need an AC repair? Not only do your air conditioner units cool the air and remove moisture but they also significantly improve your standard of living. In Dubai where the weather is mostly warm and humid, our comfort relies on air conditioners to ventilate, cool, and dehumidify the air indoors.

A faulty AC unit can be a significant discomfort to your household or business. If you need your AC repair to be carried out quickly and diligently in Dubai, contact Mistral Cleaning Services maintenance professionals today.
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Chiller pipe leaking before insulation during AC maintenance work
Chiller pipe after insulation was done during AC maintenance work

Why choose Mistral Cleaning Services for your AC Repair in Dubai?

We are the No. 1 air conditioning repair and maintenance company in Dubai due to our unparalleled commitment to ensuring you get the best repair services and value for your money. Our AC maintenance services run all year round, always a call away.

The most common issues with air conditioning systems in Dubai

In our many years of providing AC repair services in Dubai, we have faced many problems requiring different solutions. Below are some of the most common ones:

AC Fan Motor

A failed AC fan motor is without a doubt, the most common issue we have come across in Dubai. Does your unit produce an uncomfortable rattling or screeching sound? Then, there is probably a problem with your fan motor. A rattling sound indicates that the fan motor or its components are loose or caught in debris while a screeching noise means that motor bearings are failing. Both scenarios generally require an AC fan motor replacement.


The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning unit. It is one of the essential parts of the appliance, as it functions just like a heart in the human body; compressing and pumping refrigerant gas through the system. Compressors rarely fail before their expected life span, but when they do, it is usually as a result of external factors. Replacing a compressor can be quite expensive, and getting a new air conditioner may be the better option. A compressor can fail due to the following reasons:

AC Capacitor

This robust component stores the energy used in turning on an air conditioner. Most AC units come with two-run capacitors, the primary, which works with the compressor and condenser fan motor, and the secondary, which works with the blower motor. When an AC refuses to turn on or takes time to turn-on, the chances are that the capacitor is faulty. More downsides to ac with malfunctioning capacitor issues include the unit not blowing cold air, going off automatically, or making a humming sound. Capacitors also tend to fail as the AC ages, and exposure to the sun can make your capacitor fail.

We repair all AC brands

No matter your A.C. brand, we will fix it. Our years of operation within Dubai have exposed us to the leading and rare brands in use throughout the city. We offer you a 100% guarantee that your air conditioning repair will be done promptly and accurately. We also offer our clients advice on the best brands that will suit their residential or commercial space.

Emergency HVAC repair in Dubai

Do you need a 24-hour HVAC repair in Dubai? We offer the best round the clock air conditioner repair and maintenance. Our well-trained staff are always at your beck and call to solve your cooling needs and get you back on track by ensuring you’re A.C runs right.

How to avoid Air Conditioning breakdown?

Conducting regular maintenance checks is the best way to avoid air conditioning breakdown. At Mistral Cleaning Services, we recommend at least two maintenance checks per year. With the use of the latest technology, our expert technicians will clean and purify your air conditioner, check all the components, and inspect the lubricant level. Routine maintenance is the best way to enjoy your air conditioning system maximally. Get regular A.C checks at your convenience and a reasonable budget. Contact us today to ensure nothing gets in the way of your family and customers’ comfort.

AC Gas Refill

Comprehensive air conditioner diagnosis and AC repair

If you are not satisfied with how your air conditioner cools and dehumidifies your property, place an appointment with us and get exceptional AC repair services today.

Mistral Cleaning Services is a full-service maintenance company based in Dubai focusing mainly on AC cleaning and also providing all kinds of maintenance work such as plumbing, painting, water tank cleaning for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants.

Our mission is to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for our customers by using chemical-free cleaning methods and high-quality equipment to carry out our services such as ac repair, maintenance, and cleaning.

100% committed to keeping you cool

You can rely on us to make detailed diagnoses and provide you the best solution for solving your air conditioning problem. Staying fresh all year long in Dubai is a top priority with us at Mistral Cleaning Services, and we won’t relent till you are 100% satisfied with your AC repair.
Our licensed professionals are well-trained with world-class skills in carrying out our services in a friendly, yet professional manner. When you reach out to us for air conditioning repair and maintenance, we will begin by inspecting the entire AC system, including the compressor, motors, and refrigerants.
After our inspection, we will give you a concise dispatch description of our discovery, proffer the best solution, and await your decision before taking any action. At Mistral Cleaning Services, we believe our customer is King, and we won’t stop till you are thoroughly satisfied.