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AC Maintenance Service

Wether your are a property owner or tenant in Dubai, it is crucial to be aware of the importance of AC Maintenance. Dubai is a great place to live. The scenery, buildings, and people, among other things, come together to make this destination one great spot for excellent living. However, living in Dubai has its own inconveniences too; chief among them is the dust.

Given the location of the city and the numerous construction projects, it is no surprise that you may have to deal with clouds of dust carried by the wind and ending in your AC system. Our AC maintenance service includes all maintenance works needed to guaranty that your air conditioning system delivers the best possible air quality.
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AC Gas Refill

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Chiller pipe leaking before insulation during AC maintenance work
Chiller pipe after insulation was done during AC maintenance work

Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Mistral Cleaning Services is a maintenance company based in Dubai dedicated to serving your needs. We are dedicated to keeping our customers’ air conditioning units as healthy as possible while ensuring their optimal performance.
We are a team of professionals, trained to pay attention to every technical aspect of your air conditioning system and ensuring that it never goes out of service when you need it most.
Our air conditioning maintenance service is a comprehensive cleaning, disinfection, and assessment of your HVAC system. From air vent covers to AC gas refill, our technicians are trained to provide the maintenance you need.

How do you know that you need AC maintenance?

Regular AC maintenance is important if you intend to keep it operating at maximum efficiency. In addition, you should also keep in mind that there is a high probability of your air conditioning unit facing issues when it works all year long.

How do you know when to contact us for an AC service? Below is a list of signs that are usually indicating that your AC is not performing as it should.

No Cool Air

If vents stopped supplying cold air like they used to, you should consider calling us for a repair. A decrease in cold airflow even at maximum setting is a clear signal of a faulty compressor.

Limited air flow

When your property is not getting an adequate air flow, then you may want to set an appointment for a thorough inspection of your unit.

This can be caused by several issues like blocked duct or clogged filters which can be attributed to the accumulation of dust over a long period of time, especially in Dubai.

Increase in Temperature

An increase in temperature can be the result of multiple reasons including a dirty coil, broken motor fan, or damaged electrical components.

It is important that you take immediate action whenever you notice that your air conditioning system is developing an issue. This is important in ensuring that you forestall further developments that could lead to a major breakdown.

Bad Smells and Unusual Noises

If you notice irregular sounds from your air conditioning unit, we recommend that you switch it off to avoid further damages and call a professional AC maintenance company. These irregular sounds can often be described as metal grinding against another metal.

Similarly, a burning smell from your AC could be an indication of burning wire insulation. At this point, it is crucial to urgently get in touch with an expert.

Air Conditioning technician holding the hose of the AC duct cleaning machine to perform AC duct cleaning

Why do you need an AC maintenance service in Dubai?

It is often believed that AC maintenance in Dubai is not compulsory.
As a property owner in Dubai, it is essential not to overlook your property maintenance duties. A regular air conditioner maintenance of your property will ensure a healthy and comfortable living for all its residents.

Routine AC maintenance in Dubai should not be regarded as an expense but as an investment that will definitely pay off at a later time. Given the frequency of dust encroachment, it is very important that you pay due attention to the overall state of your air conditioning unit.

Not only does regular AC maintenance prevent sudden technical issues, but it also extends the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit. In conclusion, choosing the right AC maintenance company will help you optimize the return on investment on your AC System.

Benefits of regular AC Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance will not only help avoiding technical issues, but also ensure optimal performances of your AC system. Find below the many benefits of maintaining your AC system regularly.

Better Energy Efficiency

Regular servicing of your air conditioning system it helps in keeping air filters unclogged and condenser coils clean.

Longer Operational Life

Just like it is obtainable with any major equipment, regular AC servicing will extend your system’s operational life.

Even though there is a limit to your AC equipment lifespan, the right amount of care will ensure that you get the most out of it.

Lower Overall Repair Costs

Routine maintenance services will reduce your average spending as it should prevent major technical issues from happening and increase your AC system lifespan.

We care about your air

If you live in Dubai and you need the AC maintenance service,you must contact Mistral Cleaning Services! We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing you with the best AC maintenance services and air conditioning repair.

Our services include:​

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