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AC Filter Cleaning in Dubai

Looking for AC filter cleaning in Dubai? When your home is equipped with an AC system, most, if not all, of the air flowing through your home and office, flows through AC filters.

Your AC filter is responsible for keeping dust, contaminants, and other debris out of your air conditioning unit; and by extension, away from you. When your AC filter gets clogged or dirty, as it happens often in Dubai, it is unable to function efficiently; allowing dust and dirt to get into the air conditioner itself.

Not only can this cause severe wear and tear on the internal parts, but these contaminants may also make their way into your interior space. This is where we come in. Mistral Cleaning Services is a full-service maintenance company that can help you carry out your AC filter cleaning in Dubai.

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Dusty AC filter before AC cleaning service
AC Filter after AC cleaning service

Importance of AC filter cleaning and replacing your air conditioner filters

All modern air conditioners perform three simple actions, they suck air from the room, cool it, and push it back out. Two of these tasks make use of the AC filters. A dirty or clogged filter will hinder air flowing in and out of your AC affecting its operation.

This is one of the most common issues affecting air conditioning units in Dubai where the air is often laden with dust particles. Carrying out AC cleaning is a good way of maintaining your air conditioning unit, ensuring its wellbeing, and extending its lifespan.

Asides from keeping your unit running at optimum performance levels, AC filter cleaning also keeps you and everyone around you safe. As your AC pulls and pushes air, most of what gets stuck in your filters may affect the health and wellbeing of anyone who inhales them.

At Mistral Cleaning Services, we take your health and the health of your family and workers seriously. This is why we work tirelessly to maintain healthy and clean-living spaces for our customers using chemical-free AC filter cleaning methods and high-quality equipment.

How Do We Clean an Air Conditioning Filter?

Are you wondering how we can help clean your AC filter in Dubai? All of Mistral Cleaning Services HVAC technicians are well trained and experienced in all aspects of AC filter cleaning and maintenance.

The method used in AC filter cleaning will depend on the unit you have and other factors. However, in most cases, we operate in five clear steps:

1. Assessment

A technician assesses the problem and plans out an appropriate strategy for carrying out your AC filter cleaning with minimal interference with your life and property.

2. Removal of the filter

Before removing the filter, we will ensure that the air conditioner is switched off before unscrewing or unlatching (depending on your model) the AC filter.

3. Clean excess dirt

Before we move on washing your AC filter, we first have to clean off some of the excess dirty using a vacuum to prevent dust from spreading inside the room.

4. Wash in water

Next, we submerge the AC filter in lukewarm water and disinfectant if necessary to loosen all dirt on it. We never use an abrasive tool on it as this may harm the material.

5. Dry and Reinstall

After we removed and cleaned the filter, it’s time to leave the filter out to dry before reinstalling it.

Dusty AC filter fixed to the AC unit before the air conditioning cleaning service

How to tell when you need to clean or change your hvac air filter?

We recommend carrying out your AC filter cleaning in Dubai every three months if they are of the reusable kind. Some AC filters may have to be replaced and this is usually specified in the manual.

In most cases, even the reusable filters will have to be changed every few years or whenever they are damaged. In either case, you should call an HVAC maintenance service like Mistral Cleaning Services if you find that your AC unit is working harder, abnormally, or inefficiently to push out air.

We can help you diagnose the problem and carry out AC filter cleaning and full unit maintenance if necessary. Our technicians are experienced in every aspect of the HVAC system and can help you make the most out of your system.