AC Duct Cleaning in Dubai

Our AC Duct Cleaning service package is a comprehensive cleaning and sanitisation of your air conditioning system.

Mistral Cleaning Services is a European managed property maintenance company with over 10 years experience in AC Duct cleaning in Dubai.

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Why should you consider cleaning your AC ducts?

If you live in Dubai, your home probably uses a cooling system to filter the air and regulate the internal temperature. Over time, indoor and outdoor pollutants from activities such as cooking, smoking, and cleaning are absorbed into your air ducts, contaminating your air system.

This is especially true in Dubai, where blowing dust and other contaminants will eventually find their way through your AC ducts. Because much of the dirt adheres to its insides, AC ducts do not always expel these contaminants into living spaces.

However, the buildup of dirt seeps into your AC’s evaporator coil system; accumulating on the intake fins and clogging the air passageways. 

Not only does this affect your air conditioner’s efficiency – meaning that it will possibly consume more power to maintain the same temperature – it can also lead to organic growths and formations such as mold.

How to know if you need an AC cleaner?

The sand coming from the desert has made air duct cleaning the best way to ensure your family breathes healthy air. As a result, most AC duct cleaning companies in Dubai will recommend a thorough cleaning of your vents without even taking a look at them.

Homes in areas with increased humidity, such as Dubai, have a higher potential for microbiological growth. These then develop into spores when moisture is introduced to dust particles, pollen, and other debris in AC ducts.

We recommend that you contact an air duct cleaning service if you notice:

As a rule of thumb, you should inspect your AC ducts every six months and clean them at least every 18 months. The best way to find out if your air ducts need a cleaning service is to fill the form on this page as we can perform free inspection of your AC system.

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What do our services include?

Mistral Cleaning Services is a home maintenance company delivering its services to both residential and commercial properties all around Dubai. AC duct cleaning one of our specialty among other maintenance works including plumbingpaintingwater tank cleaning, and electrical services.

We help our customers to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for their families using chemical-free cleaning methods and high-quality AC duct cleaning equipment.

Let’s take a look at the 4 steps involved in our air duct cleaning process.

Step 1 - Initial assessment

Before we attempt to clean your AC duct system, we begin by assessing your ducts to find out the extent of cleaning needed and areas to concentrate on. This also allows us to cover up all furniture, personal effects, and flooring surrounding the projected work area.

Step 2 - The setup

Next, our expert technicians will begin removing all necessary vent covers from the walls and dismantling your property’s AC system down to its components.

Step 3 - Thorough cleaning

With the setup stage completed, we then begin cleaning your AC duct system with specialised AC duct cleaning equipment. Our highly trained technicians will seamlessly clean and disinfect your entire AC duct system. This includes the drainage trays, filters, grilles and the ducts themselves. 

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Step 4 - Final analysis and cleanup

Once the AC duct cleaning is completed, our technicians will check your ducts one more time to ensure they are completely dust-free and will take pictures of the end result. Finally, when we have determined that your system is pristine, we clean up all work areas and leave your home as clean as new. Before and after pictures will be provided to you.

Importance of AC Duct Cleaning

In recent years, there has been a surge in awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution.

A clean AC air duct offers many benefits for homeowners who are conscious about the health dangers of a dirty or clogged air supply system.

People suffering from asthma or allergies are often the ones who will see the most benefit.

A healthier home overall

We all want a clean home, a refuge from the heat and dust of Dubai’s desert. However, if the insides of your AC ducts are dirty, contaminants will flow into your home over time reducing your indoor air quality.

This is especially important if you have a family member suffering from an allergy-related illness. Irrespective of how clean your home is, engaging AC duct cleaning services in Dubai is the best way to ensure your family enjoys a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Eliminate odors

Do you detect an unexplainable unpleasant smell around your home? We all love to live in an odor-free home but micro-bacterial growth, such as mold, in your AC ducts can produce unpleasant odors in you living space.

Using an air freshener to mask the smell does nothing to solve the problem. However, having your air system cleaned by professional air conditioner cleaners is the best solution to this common issue.

Eliminate the presence of allergens

The presence of dust particles in the air can be hazardous to family members who suffer from allergy-related illnesses. These particles may include dirt, dust, pollen, debris, and other organic matter like food particles and pet hair.

This can be debilitating to those living with allergies affecting their quality of life. For the best effect, ensure that all components of your air duct cleaning are performed thoroughly by a qualified provider.