Do you dread opening your electricity bill every month? Have you ever wondered why your monthly electric bill keeps rising every year? You are not alone! Several factors could contribute to higher electrical expenses in Dubai.

A popular culprit of this is the state of your AC components and ducts. Dirty air ducts can be costing you more than you realize. Read on to find out how you can lower your utility bill this summer with AC duct cleaning.

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AC ducts and your energy bill

The air conditioning system is important electrical equipment found in most homes alongside the refrigerator, washing machines, and entertainment systems. As a result of Dubai’s dusty climate, residential and commercial buildings in the city rely on AC systems for their air supply.

This means that the air conditioning is often left on for weeks or even months. Worse yet, the longer you keep the AC unit running the more contaminants it comes in contact with and most of these unwanted particles find their way into your AC ducts.

When your AC ducts get dirty, the air conditioning system uses more and more power to provide the same level of cooling you need. This can cause a significant increase in your energy bill, especially when combined with other factors like dirty air filters and AC duct leaks.

air conditioning duct - metal
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Save more money with AC duct cleaning

AC duct cleaning can make a big difference in your utility costs as it frees up dirt and dust particles, as well as other blockages in the system. A dirty AC duct system may use up to 30% more energy to circulate cool air around the home.

Thoroughly cleaning the air ducts in your home keeps the system working efficiently by removing dirt from sensitive mechanical components. This is the best way to ensure that the cooling unit operates optimally and consumes less energy in the process.

Clean AC systems also tend to last longer and work more efficiently than dirty ones, resulting in reduced electricity bills in the long run. A professional AC clean service may also extend to your air filters, drip pans, and cooling coils.

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How professional air duct cleaning works

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system and changing the air filters is the best way to keep contaminants away from your AC ducts. However, the air filter cannot trap everything it comes in contact with.

The best way to keep your AC ducts and ventilation system clean is by removing all dirt and accumulated debris with professional cleaning techniques.

When the vacuum draws air through the AC duct system, special brushes and compressed air tubes are inserted into the ducts to eliminate any residue on the inner surface. The vacuum sucks out all of the disturbed debris as they are cleaned out, removing them from the home.

Pay less for your air conditioning

AC duct cleaning leaves you with cleaner indoor air and more efficient AC systems that require less energy to operate. The result? Lower utility bills and the peace of mind knowing that your AC system is less likely to break down.

Choose Mistral Cleaning Services

The short answer is: Yes. Cleaning your AC ducts will help you remove any dirt, debris, or mold growth inside. Regular AC duct cleaning is the most cost-effective way to ensure that you only get clean, healthy, mold-free air indoors.

However, this procedure should only be attempted by someone who knows what they are doing as the probability of making mistakes is quite high. A poorly AC duct cleaning may leave you with leaks, dents, or abrasions that can lead to damaged parts or even equipment failure.

When should I clean my AC ducts?

At Mistral Cleaning Services, we know how to help you pay less for your air conditioning. We provide world-class AC duct cleaning for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants in Dubai.

Our technicians can help you save time, money, energy, and keep your AC unit running as efficiently as possible for longer.

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