The process of sanitizing and decontaminating your air conditioning ductwork system is known as AC duct cleaning. This has been recognized as the best way to improve the quality of the air coming inside your building.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), AC duct cleaning is the sanitation of air conditioning system components for compressed air systems such as air ducts, cooling coils, grilles, diffusers, drip pans, heat exchangers, motors, fans, and housings.

How much does AC duct cleaning cost in Dubai?

ac duct cleaning dubai

AC duct cleaning and maintenance costs can vary among service providers in Dubai. This often depends on the quality of the service, the qualification of the technicians, and the services included in the duct package.

A typical AC duct cleaning service can cost you anything between AED 700 to AED 5000 for apartments and villas. The price you get will be based on the seasonality, the size of your home, and the number of air conditioning units in your building.

However, you should also be wary of service companies that offer a price that is much lower than everyone else. You may not be getting the full service or there is something that they must be hiding.

You can contact us to find out how much your AC duct clean may cost you.

A typical AC duct cleaning cost breakdown

Depending on your maintenance service, your cleaning costs may be presented in one of several different ways. Most maintenance contractors in Dubai will provide you with a breakdown of the services they will provide you along with standard prices.

Watch out for companies that may want to charge you by the hour as this may lead to extra hours on the job. A typical AC duct cleaning contract includes:

Low-cost AC duct cleaning companies to avoid

Have you ever come across some advertisements promising comprehensive AC duct cleaning for a ridiculous amount of money? Those are probably shady companies or outright bait and switch scams designed to part you from your money.

They will most likely come to your home and try to sell you additional service at a much higher price. Worse yet, they will most likely use sub-standard equipment and processes to cut costs and end up putting your family in danger.

Another set of AC duct cleaning companies to avoid are those that claim they can carry out thorough cleaning in a very short time. The amount of time needed to clean your AC ducts depends solely on the size of your building and the amount of AC systems you have.

To avoid such scams, you should be on the lookout for reputable AC maintenance companies that give you value you can depend on. Hiring a professional cleaning service is the only way to ensure that your AC ducts are well taken care of.

How to choose a qualified AC duct cleaning company

When shopping for an AC duct cleaning company in Dubai, choose a trustworthy team with a track record of providing exceptional service. They should also have a game plan for maintenance cleaning that is based on the AC cleaning industry’s best practices.

Add-on AC duct cleaning costs and services

Some maintenance companies also advertise some add-on cleaning services with extra costs. You will not need most of these as they are designed to get more money out of you but a few may be useful.

For example, you may not need a full AC unit cleaning if it has been well maintained in the past and, a cleaning & disinfection of your AC ducts might be good enough. Talk to a qualified technician about your needs before agreeing to any extra costs in your maintenance contract.

How often should I carry out AC duct cleaning

Experts agree that villas and residential buildings in Dubai should carry out AC duct cleaning at least once per year. This frequency can vary based on how many AC system you have and your frequency of use.

Choose Mistral Cleaning Services

Mistral Cleaning Services is a trusted AC maintenance company that specializes in AC duct cleaning in Dubai. We have been in the industry for a long time and only hire the very best qualified AC technicians that deliver the very best service.

We use the Rotobrush machine as well as other powerful vacuums from a European brand. Our services include an initial inspection of your AC systems to ascertain your needs. You will then be provided with an AC maintenance contract based on the information gathered.

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