AC Coil Cleaning in Dubai

AC Coil Cleaning

Your AC coil is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system. What most people don’t realize is that air conditioning units will, in most cases, not run at 100% efficiency when the AC coil is clogged, dirty, or goes for long periods without proper AC coil cleaning maintenance.

AC cleaning or cleaning your air conditioning coil, especially when you are living in a desert city like Dubai, is the best way to ensure that your air conditioning unit is free from dust, dirt, grease, and contaminants that may reduce its efficiency.

Comparison of AC coil before and after cleaning

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Dirty AC coil with accumulated mud before AC cleaning with pressure washer
Clean AC coil after deep ac coil cleaning with pressure washer

Why clean your AC coil in Dubai?

There are two types of coils in an air conditioning system, these are the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. The evaporator coil is tasked with absorbing heat and humidity from your space, while the condenser coil, on the other hand, expels heat outside the building.
In locations like Dubai, which are exposed to significantly more dust particles than normal, regular AC coil cleaning should not be overlooked. Dirty AC coils result in various kinds of issues including higher energy bills, eventual compressor failure, and total system overheating.

Therefore, you must keep its interior surfaces clean to ensure your coil performs effectively. This can only be achieved through regular AC coil cleaning.

Dirt and grime can also cause heat to be trapped within the condenser coil preventing effective heat dissipation which leads to system inefficiency. This is worsened by the constant flow of dust in Dubai air, which ensures that your AC coils get caked with dirt from time to time.

How often do AC coils need to be cleaned?

The real question here is, how much dirt is too much? A general rule of thumb is to have your air conditioning coil cleaning done twice a year.

There are other factors to consider in a city like Dubai. With the constant dust storms and contaminants in the air, you may want to consult a professional AC coil maintenance company for a maintenance schedule that considers the below aspects.

The age and condition of your unit

The older your air conditioning unit is, the more prone it will be to accumulating dirt and external contaminants. However, regular maintenance will ensure that your air conditioning system lasts long and serves you well.

The usage

The longer your air conditioning unit is in use, the more dirt and external contamination it accumulates. In desert cities like Dubai’s, this could warrant having to raise your maintenance schedule.

The location

Your AC coil will need more frequent cleaning if exposed to a dusty area, including areas close to the desert or a construction site. If you live in Dubai, you may have no other choice than to ensure it is done at close intervals.

Don’t let a dirty AC coil restrain your air conditioning system. Call on Mistral Cleaning Services today and get a free AC coil inspection and stress-free maintenance services that you can trust.

before and after ac coil cleaning service in Dubai

What happens when you skip AC coil cleaning?

In locations like Dubai, which are exposed to significantly more dust particles than normal, regular AC coil cleaning should not be overlooked. Dirty AC coils result in various kinds of issues including higher energy bills, eventual compressor failure, and total system overheating.
Higher energy bills

A dirty coil will cause your system to overwork and run for longer periods to provide the required cooling effect for your space, resulting in higher energy consumption. Regular AC coil cleaning will help reduce your AC bill in Dubai. It is also worthy to note that overworking your AC unit puts stress on it and this can lead to your air conditioner malfunctioning.

More breakdowns

The longer and harder your AC works, the more it is exposed to wears and tears. This puts stress on your individual AC parts, leading to more breakdowns of individual parts.​

Shorter system life

This accumulated wear on your AC unit will shorten its lifespan, leaving you with a need for a new one within a short period. This is more money spent than you would if you maintain your current system the right way with Mistral Cleaning Services​.

Odors from your unit

This is a sure sign that you have to clean your air conditioning coils. The odor could be as a result of contaminants or a burned component. In both cases, it’s necessary to call in an AC coil repair company in Dubai.​

Benefits of regular AC cleaning

There are many benefits to having your AC coil cleaned and maintained regularly, this includes:

Improved airflow

Keeping your AC coil clean will help it process and get rid of all dirt and debris which can prevent the unit from functioning optimally.

Eliminate odors

Have you noticed bad smells coming from your AC unit? A professional air coil cleaning service will help you eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving a feeling of fresh air in your home

Enhances air quality

A thorough coil cleaning will drastically reduce the number of impurities passing through your air conditioning unit. This will result in a cleaner and healthier home overall.

Prevents system failures

Our AC coil cleaning process will enhance the performance of your unit, extending its lifespan as well.

Mistral Cleaning Services AC Coil cleaning services in Dubai

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Never send in the janitor to clean your AC unit with a hose. Always enlist the services of a professional AC coil cleaning service you can trust.

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