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Mistral Cleaning Services is one of the leading company if you are looking services related to AC Cleaning in Dubai. If you reside in Dubai, you most likely keep your air conditioner turned on all the time. As a result of the oppressive heat, most homes in the UAE depend on their AC systems as their primary source of air.


Keeping your AC system clean and germ-free has become a necessary step to promoting good health.

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AC Cleaning Services in Dubai

in a professional AC cleaning service is the best way to carry out preventative maintenance on your AC. Most air conditioning systems come in two sections, an outdoor unit responsible for cooling the air and an indoor unit that distributes the cooled air.


The two units are connected via air ducts. Therefore, a thorough air conditioning cleaning job should cover both the AC units and the air ducts that connect them. Cleaning only one component just won’t cut it as the dirt will circulate once more when the system is turned on.

Mistral Cleaning Services Offer World Class AC Cleaning in Dubai

Mistral Cleaning Services is a full-service maintenance company based in Dubai. We provide world-class air conditioning cleaning in Dubai for villas, residential buildings, offices, and restaurants. Our customers love us because we are professional, qualified, and easy to work with.


We can help you to clean, maintain, repair, and install your AC system with zero disruption to your day. The quality of your indoor air is of immense importance. This is why we go above and beyond to ensure that all components of your AC system are clean & sanitized.


We clean all parts of your AC, including the condenser and evaporator coils, air filters and vents, drip pan, and AC ducts. All our services conform to the International Standard for HVAC Cleaning Professionals guidelines.

Don’t Let Your AC Develop Faults

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bill? This may be a sign that you need a professional AC service. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of carrying out regular AC cleaning in Dubai. However, this increases the chances of your AC breaking down when you need it most.

We understand you need for guaranteed comfort. This is why we provide comprehensive AC cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and installation services you can trust. Our goal is to maintain healthy and clean living spaces for our customers.

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Our Air Conditioning Cleaning and Maintenance Services Include:

AC Maintenance Service

Experts agree that cleaning and maintaining your AC regularly is the best way of ensuring that it keeps on working efficiently. Mistral Cleaning Services’s air conditioning maintenance services include comprehensive cleaning, disinfection, and assessment of your AC systems.


From your air ducts to evaporator coils and air vents, our technicians are trained to help you ensure your AC operates at maximum efficiency all year long. We also offer preventative AC maintenance contracts to handle all your AC needs, even in emergencies.


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Clean AC Duct

Dubai is a notoriously dusty city and it is normal for dirt and debris to flow into your AC ducts during operation. These contaminants can get into your home when the AC ducts are dirty, reducing your indoor air quality.

AC duct cleaning is the best way to ensure that you only get clean, healthy air indoors. The benefits of having your air ducts cleaned during your AC servicing include:

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is responsible for maintaining proper air supply and temperature indoors. However, it is not enough to simply install an HVAC system in your home or office, you also have to ensure that it is working efficiently.


Regular HVAC cleaning is the best way to eliminate clogged air passages, mold, and accumulated dust in your system. Our HVAC cleaning services in Dubai include:

rotobrush duct cleaning
AC Filter Cleaning Service in Dubai

All of the air flowing in and out of your air conditioning system flow through the air filters. Your AC filter is responsible for keeping dust, contaminants, and other debris out of your home. It does this by trapping these particles in an extra-fine mesh before they escape the vents.


When your air filters trap too much dust, as is common in Dubai, they are unable to function efficiently. Cleaning or changing the AC filters regularly is the best way to ensure that dust and dirt don’t get into the air conditioner itself.


This is an essential part of our services and a Mistral Cleaning Services technician will be dispatched to wash your air filters regularly.

Your air conditioning system comes with two types of coils which include the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. These coils play an important role in the cooling process and may not function efficiently when they are dirty, or go for long periods without proper maintenance.


This could lead to higher energy bills as your AC consumes more power to provide the same level of cooling on the thermostat. At Mistral Cleaning Services, our technicians are trained to clean your AC coils as part of our AC maintenance contract. Benefits of AC coil cleaning include:

evaporator coil cleaning

Choose Value With A Team That Cares

At Mistral Cleaning Services, we understand your need for professionalism at every level. We are punctual, knowledgeable, and experienced. Our goal is to provide a smooth experience

It is important to know what is included in your AC maintenance contract as many companies in Dubai do not carry out comprehensive AC cleaning in Dubai. Our AC cleaning service covers every aspect of your AC, tackling every component that contributes to improving your cooling.


Mistral Cleaning Services technicians can help you save time, money, energy, and keep your AC unit running as efficiently as possible for longer.